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In shelter Dog

Matthews, North Carolina, 28105-4837
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler
Black with White
Coat length:
“You can’t resist reading Pointer’s profile  because he is so darn cute, but Pointer isn’t for everyone. Pointer is a Blue Heeler mix, weighing in at less than 30 lbs. Just like bigger herding dogs, Pointer likes to chase, herd, nip heels and is very strong-willed. Pointer needs lots of exercise and must have mental stimulation throughout the day. He enjoys learning commands and working on his obedience commands and would make an excellent agility, nose work, scent work or other sport participant. Pointer is not a couch potato and when left to entertain himself, he can get into trouble. Pointer needs a person who is experienced with herding breeds or dogs who are competitive in sports and are not put off by his strong personality.  With the right person, Pointer can be the ultimate friend!  I would not be a candidate for an apartment, condo/townhome or a home without a fence. If interested in giving me a forever home please complete an application at
Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Characteristics
Standing between 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder, the Australian Cattle Dog is a sturdy, hard-muscled herder of strength and agility. The ACD is born with a white coat that turns blue-gray or red. Both coat varieties feature distinctive mottling or specking patterns. ACDs have immense work drive and excel at hunting, chasing, and, of course, moving livestock. Their boundless energy and supple gait make them excellent running partners.ACDs are true-blue loyal, famously smart, ever alert, and wary of strangers. If an ACD isn’t challenged, he easily becomes bored and gets into mischief. It is recommended that ACD owners participate with their dog in some work, sport, or regular exercise to keep him mentally and physically fit.