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In shelter Dog

Austin, Travis County, Texas, United ...
Pet name:
Basset Hound
Red, Golden, Orange, Chestnut with White
Coat length:
Einstein came to HHBR at approximately 8 years of age because his owner passed away. Family members stepped up to take the dogs left behind and Einstein came to live in Round Rock with one of his owner’s grandsons and family. Unfortunately, Einstein was too stressed over losing the only person and place he had known since he was 8 weeks old and could not settle in. It was causing too much disruption in the family so HHBR was contacted. His first three days with HHBR were exhausting both for Einstein and his foster family. He ran around & barked about 50 minutes out of every hour of the day! With our vet we introduced an anti- anxiety medication, and it made a world of difference and everyone including Einstein was able to rest. We were able to wean him off the medication in a few weeks and now only use it during thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and fireworks. 

His previous owner had never had Einstein’s teeth cleaned so HHBR took care of an extensive dental which resulted in many extractions. He also had a small tumor on his third eye lid which we had removed by an ophthalmologist. It was benign and with regular eye drops during allergy season and occasional check ups with pet eye specialist there should be no more issues. If you are going to take him hiking in brushy areas, his eye doctor recommends dog goggles. 

Einstein is good with other dogs – he is not an alpha dog. He was used to small dogs and has done well with various foster dogs in his foster home. He is good with cats too.  He rides well in the car and is well mannered on a leash. He uses a doggie door.  Since he barks when anxious he would probably not do well in an apartment.  The ideal owner or family would be someone who works from home or is retired so they can spend lots of time with him. He is not destructive when left alone and has never had an accident in his foster home as learned the doggie door very quickly.  Based on his history there will probably be a transition period where the anti-anxiety medication will be needed again until he gets used to his new people and surroundings.  He can be nervous around strangers at first but once he warms up to you, he is very affectionate.  He loves belly rubs and cuddles on the couch while watching TV with you. He is very gentle taking treats and will sit for one. He does know when mealtimes are and if you are late with his dinner, he will remind you! He will occasionally play with toys. 

Einstein is one of those rare Bassets with an undercoat so he needs lots of brushing in the spring and early summer to get that undercoat off, but he loves to be brushed. His coat is very soft and almost fluffy.  

Einstein will make a great companion for someone as he is still quite active for a dog who is almost nine years old.