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Rock Star   

In shelter Dog

Apple Valley, San Bernardino County, ...
Pet name:
Rock Star
Beagle, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with White
Rock Star is a beagle mix, 5 and a half years old and about 40 lbs.  He is two tone---brown/white-- and an active boy. When he was younger and before he came to us, he had several homes that didn't work out. In one, he chased the cat.  He can, if introduced properly, mesh with other dogs. 

In the other two, there were nipping issues (no skin breakage) when new owners tried to restrain him by the collar.  It is entirely possibly he gave a warning that he did not want to be pulled by his collar and it was ignored.  And with a new dog we always recommend leash work.  We would not want to be pulled by a collar, or the collar of our shirt - and if that were done and we gave warnings that were ignored, we might then punch the "puller" or do the same back.  

You gotta listen and pay attention to your dog - educate yourself on dog signals, behavior+++   The better informed you are, better teacher and respectful, the better your dog will be. He will do well in a home like this; He is eager to learn. One of our dog walkers has worked with him, and he loves to go out on the leash. 

He has transformed quite a bit recently, and always gives cues when he is afraid or uncomfortable. Once he trusts you and believes you are with him, he lets down his guard and plays, goes for walks, and likes to get petted.  However, he needs patience and for things to be done respectful of his timing and boundaries.  He doesn't pull on a leash, but he can when he sees a squirrel.  

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS:  On his SAFER test assessment, he scored all 1's (A's) except a 2 on tag item (may be a little sensitive to high energy).  He was described as jumpy social, active, sweet, bubbly.  Enjoys going on walks.  Needs manners training. 

At this point he needs a patient, training savvy person or adult home.  We'll keep you updated as anything changes.  

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