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Gunner - TX   

In shelter Dog

Stevens Point, Portage County, Wiscon...
Pet name:
Gunner - TX
Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Coordinator - Roxanne SandtMeet TX Gunner/Dax!Located in Harlingen TX

He was rescued from a deep south TX shelter where he had been quarantined for several months. Gunner was in sad shape physically and emotionally when he arrived to his foster home. He was Heart worm positive but the good news is there is no damage to his heart and lungs! And is treatment is complete!

In the beginning he was filled with mixed emotions of wanting to love, but afraid to trust. He needed some time to become a real family member and forget about the bad. As he heals we have discovered he is going to be someone’s very best friend. His eyes have told us so. He has a longing in them.

It has taken him weeks to adjust to family life and learn to trust. His fosters started hand feeding him, but no more! Dax has become a loving member of the entire family, including cats, dogs and various farm animals!

Gunner/Dax has come into his own personally. He is currently living with 4 other Malinois so we know that he prefers to be the only dog or one of two. 

We have discovered that Gunner/Dax is sensitive to a train that occasionally goes by the fosters home. This may be because he does not understand where the noise is coming from. We have not seen any indication of him being sensitive to any other noises including thunder.  

Gunner/Dax is very good about kenneling up at night for bed or the evenings. He is now house trained too.  He loves his humans and affection. He loves his ball and his toy drive is awesome. He fetches, but doesn’t bring it back yet. (a work in progress). He’s great with the foster’s cat, and chihuahuas.  Kind of ignores the tiny one, and shows just a little interest in the other, but he does chase chickens! So, a no chicken home would be best. As he gets more comfortable and feels better his true personality is to come out even more.  He’s learning boundaries and manners right now and is going to be an amazing family member to a family that does not have small children and is very active.

We think that Gunner might like a sport home where he could learn to dock dive, he LOVES the water and is already jumping into the foster’s pond! Or maybe agility?  

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