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Max-A-Million - TX   

In shelter Dog

Stevens Point, Portage County, Wiscon...
Pet name:
Max-A-Million - TX
Belgian Shepherd Malinois
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Smart, sweet even temporedMeet Max-a-Million! One in a million! Max came to us from an unwanted breeding between 2 family Malinois. We have pictures of the parents upon request of approved adopters. Max's father weighs 90lbs! Max is already showing signs that he is going to be a very large dog!

Max is a happy, happy puppy! He's about 95% house trained, crate trained, starting leash, knows basic commands and manners. Max has a very easy going temperament, is attentive, listens well, is eager to please and has a strong ball retrieve drive. Max lives with 2 other Malinois and 2 cats. He loves all his animal friends. He loves meeting new people and is an outgoing and confident puppy. He loves to play, play, play......then nap, then start all over again. Max LOVES water too! He's been started on dock diving and is jumping with confidence and retrieving like a pro! He's been introduced to a flirt pole and wants nothing more than to chase that little animal! Fast Cat or lure coursing could very well be a great sport for him!   

Max is going to make a wonderful companion! He will need additional obedience training, so plan on attending at least one obedience class! He is well started on the basics but is going to need so much more! 

Max was born blind in one eye and has been seen by a specialist. He will be having surgery to remove the eye in July. Max acts completely normal and does all the normal puppy things. There will no further treatment needed once Max's surgery is done.

Max will NOT be adopted out of the TX region unless adopters are willing to travel to Texas and pick up and even then out of territory adopters will only be considered on a case by case basis.

We are looking for adopters that are willing to spend the next year of their lives training, socializing and working with Max to make him the best Malinois he can be. Mals that are not socialized and worked with at a young age can easily become unruly and uncontrollable. So consider deeply before applying for Max or any other Malinois puppy. 

If interested please apply here:

 ABMR thanks you for taking the time to look at our malinois available for adoption. 


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