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Charlie - SPONSOR ME!!   

In shelter Dog

Burnsville, Dakota County, Minnesota,...
Pet name:
Charlie - SPONSOR ME!!
Boxer, Bulldog, Mixed
White with Gray or Silver
Coat length:
Charlie's home burnt down and he was left there alone for two weeks.  His Kentucky rescue angels found him and reached out for rescue for him and how could we resist that face?!?  He is approximately 8 years old and is all vetted now.  Charlie is great with all other dogs.  He is the happiest dog ever at the clinic with is tail wagging non-stop at all of the attention and new friends he is meeting.  Charlie will move to his northern Illinois foster home on 7/25.  Please check back for more information and pictures of this adorable boy!!2/5/21;  Charlie has completed heartworm treatment and all of the post treatment down time needed.  He will need to be retested for heartworm disease 6 months post treatment.  He is ready to find his forever home.FROM CHARLIE'S FOSTER DAD:  Charlie is one of the most lovable, silly, one-of-a-kind goofy guys around. He has been nothing but a joy since he’s been staying here. He starts his day watching me get ready in the morning with his sleepy eyes, tail lightly tapping the floor, letting you know he’s ready to start the day and get some lovin. He will get up and fall right into your arms when you crouch down to greet him. He’s very good when it comes to being housetrained. He gets right to business and leads the way back in to the house when he’s done. Feeding him was difficult at first, because he gets so excited, but we’ve slowly got him able to sit and wait a few seconds after we put the food down and wait for the go-ahead before he leaps for his food. His paws are kind of smooshy/limp, but it doesn’t impede any function. It’s actually really cute and adds to his personality big time. If you’re looking for a cuddly pal, Charlie is your guy. When I lay down near him, he’ll get up and just lay himself in the little spoon spot and push himself tight against you. He uses his head and snout to show his affection, just like a friendly cat does, it’s really the most loving thing I’ve ever witnessed from a dog. He won’t go anywhere as long as someone is lovin on him. He loves to get his little snuggles before bed, and he gently snores the night away. He also grumbles, and that’s really silly too. Charlie does good when we are not home, but I think he would be happiest in a home that has someone home all the time, just because he loves people more than any toys or treats, and he really deserves to be spoiled with attention. He is just such a friendly lovable guy.


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