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In shelter Rabbit

Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, U...
Pet name:
Bunny Rabbit, Mixed
Coat length:
G’day mate! Born into the care of Rabbit Advocates after his mum was rescued in November of 2020, Joey earned his name because he looks like a baby kangaroo. He loves all things Aussie, especially eating a big brekky, watching footy on the telly, and approaching all of life’s problems with an easy breezy “no worries”. 

Joey may not have traveled to the Australian outback for a formal walk-about just yet, but he loves to explore his foster provider’s home. Joey is a brave and curious fellow. He’s active, playful, and a bit of a night owl. His hobbies include sprinting though his play tunnel, stealing empty seltzer cans to hide under a bed, popping up onto a bed to hang out while you read, chilling on the couch while you watch TV, and crunching through Oxbow play-poms in far less time than anyone would believe possible.

Now 7 months old and weighing 6 lbs, Joey is a solo bun who might enjoy the company of a special lady bun. Joey hasn’t met any other animals, but is absolutely fearless around cats. He seeks out the attention of his foster family’s cats, but they tend to ignore this cutie upstart, much to his chagrin. He has spent some time around younger kids and enjoys them as long as they are careful not to startle him. He’s quite good at communicating his opinions, and will give a tremendous thump and retreat to his hidey box or under a bed if he’s displeased.

Joey could definitely be an indoor free-roamer with reasonable bunny-proofing. Although he has an exercise pen as his official “home base”, he generally has free-roam of a full bedroom and likes to go on adventures. He turns into a crocodile when he spies a phone charging cord so be sure to keep them out of reach or covered. He doesn’t cause any harm to anything else, but if he sees an iPhone cord he’s going to feel compelled to bite it in half.

Do you have the perfect home for a boy from the land down under? Head to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!