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Hooke and Anning

Well this pair of siblings was adopted and returned after ten days.  In fact, I had to go and get them.  When we explain shy, skittish, and semi feral kitties to people they honestly think we exaggerate.  A few days of adjustment is normal for friendly kitties, a few weeks or a couple of months is normal for shy, skittish, or semi feral kitties.  Honest.  They need to start off in a small room, you need to earn their trust, and then the space is slowly expanded with the original room remaining set up as their ‘safe zone’.  Where they run to if they become frightened.  A quiet home is best, patience is essential, and the rewards of winning over their trust is very emotional.  These two were trapped with their mom by St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach in Jennings.  Their mom was fixed and returned.  They were very hissy when I got them home and using a long narrow brush I started swaying their opinion of me, they loved being brushed.  Good wet food helped quite a bit and they started begging for it as soon as I went in their room. The little girl remains more skittish than the boy and they


will need patience and time to continue their journey to being purrfect pets.  They do very well in their safe zone with their foster mom, but once in unfamiliar surroundings they resort back to hissing and needing reassurance.  A calm and quiet home with a dedicated owner would be great, and a friendly cat to mentor them would be awesome.  They are cute as bugs and very devoted to each other.  Hooke is the purr bug and loves scratching and belly rubs.  Anning is more cautious and just loves brushing.  When frightened she will turn her back to me so she cannot see me but soaks up all the brushing and scratching she can get.  Zero chance I will split up this pair, they must remain together.  Hooke is pure white with a black tabby tail stuck on as an afterthought, Anning is mostly white with a calico head and tail.  Both are altered, up to date on kitten shots, micro chipped, negative for FIV and FeLV, and have been treated and tested for parasites.  Hooke is Heartland #12512CL and Anning is Heartland #12511CL.




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