C J   

In shelter Dog

Tomball, Texas, 77375
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
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Little C.J. belonged to a family since he was a puppy. He lived outside, most of the time, on a chain. At times he was allowed to run loose and play with several other dogs that also lived outside. One day he was part of a group that killed the owners’ 10 chickens. Not sure that C. J. actually attacked any chickens but because he was with the other bigger dogs, he was guilty by association. The man told his wife that all the dogs would be shot if she did not get rid of them. In 2017, the lady asked Emmy’s Hope Rescue to find C.J. a new home. C.J. is a sweet, sweet little dog but he is extremely shy, especially when he first meets new people. We have been working on his socialization skills with unfamiliar humans and canines. C.J. is fine around cats. He has experienced so many new things since he came to Emmy's Hope that have helped him not be so fearful of everything. We recommend that C.J. be placed with a quiet family that will have the time and patience to continue helping him build his confidence and trust. In October  2019,  C.J. was diagnosed with a moderate heart murmur. He does not need medication at this time and does not have any activity restrictions. Estimated birth date:  January 2012 Approximate weight:  9 lbs. If you would like to meet C J, please call or text Stephanie at: 281-622-6549. *** ADOPTION  CRITERIA *** To qualify to adopt from Emmy's Hope Rescue, YOU MUST HAVE ALL 4 QUALIFIERS: 1. Live in the Houston area (no more than an hour's drive away). 2. Be 21 years or older. 3. Have a fenced yard. Fencing must touch the ground all the way around the yard. 4. We are looking for experienced pet owners. You must  have at least 2-3 years of good vet history, with your current and / or past dogs. Your vet record should show that you take your dog(s) to the vet annually for an exam and to update their Rabies and DHPP (distemper, parvo) vaccinations and heartworm testing, and that you purchase a monthly heartworm preventative.  


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