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In shelter Dog

Aurora, Colorado, 80045
Pet name:
Chihuahua, Mixed
Patience and persistence, tenderness and time are key to earning 2-year-old Metro’s trust. Saved from a hoarding situation, the 14-pound pup is understandably shy, but because of his fosters parents’ gentle perseverance, he’s been slowly emerging from his protective cocoon. Although closer to his foster dad, sitting on his lap and being petted, he’s grown more comfortable around his foster mom -- especially when she offers him the deli turkey he enjoys. Preferring wet food to kibble and fond of burrowing under blankets, he now initiates play with his canine foster friends, occasionally cuddling with one of them inside a crate (large crates not small ones). While he hasn’t yet shown any interest in toys and knows no commands, he’s at work on his leash skills and is almost fully housetrained. Now what little Metro needs most is a nurturing home with patient adopters who will win his trust and bolster his confidence, further his socialization and educate him fully in exchange for his own enduring loyalty and love.


Animal Rescue of the Rockies believes that every pet should find a wonderful, caring home. To ensure each pet finds the best possible home, we ask that you fill out our Adoption Application so we can learn more about you and your household. We review each application we receive and will contact you within 48 hours. If your home sounds like a good match for you and the pet, 

the next step is to set up a "meet and greet." After meeting the pet, if you would like to proceed with adopting, we'll ask that you read and sign our Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption fee. Our adoption fees help cover the costs of saving more lives! 

 A home visit will be scheduled within one week of your new pet going home with you. 

The adoption fee for this pet is $300. Our adoption fee covers the following:

- Spay/Neuter, Microchip

- DAPP vaccinations as age appropriate for dog - adopter shall be responsible for all DAPP boosters after adoption.

- Rabies vaccinations as age appropriate for dog - adopter shall be responsible for any rabies vaccinations after adoption.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application by clicking 




We want our pets to go to a lifelong new home, so thank you for your patience during the adoption process!

Please email for more information, as we can not accept calls at this time.

Our adoption process is:

1. Fill out our Adoption Application online.  We'll contact you within 48 hours to answer any questions you may have about the pet.

2. If the pet looks like a great match, we'll schedule a meet and greet and ask you to fill out our online Adoption Agreement if you'd like to proceed with adopting.  Once you've completed the Adoption Agreement and pay the pet's Adoption Fee, you can arrange to pick up your new furry family member!