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In shelter Dog

Ventura, Ventura County, California, ...
Pet name:
Chihuahua, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
Coat length:
Breed: Chihuahua X DOB: 12/2018 Gender: male Altered: yes Coat: medium Size: small Color(s): tan with white Description: Hi, I'm Scruffy, a Chihuahua X who was one of 16 dogs rescued from a single family home. We all were not socialized and I was in the worst shape with a broken jaw. It's been repaired and I'm waiting for my special someone to make me a part of their family.  I've been in two foster homes since I've been with C.A.R.L. In my first foster home I lived with other dogs and made tremendous progress and I was doing really well. I'd run around the house and I'd try to get the other dogs to play with me. I'll need a playful and easy-going brother and/or sister in the home who will not only play with me but show me the ropes too. I learned to walk around my foster parents comfortably, but I still wasn't comfortable taking food from them. I was pet every day and eventually they were able to pick me up, but I wasn't entirely comfortable when they did. They sadly moved out-of-state, but I was lucky enough to go into a new foster home.  My second foster mom calls me Sunny. Scared and unsure of my new foster mom and new foster home, I would cower in a corner or hide in my crate. My crate is left available to me so I always have a safe place to be, but I decided rather quickly that I prefer being outside of the crate and now I don't want to go in it. I'm fed in the crate so I feel comfortable should I need to be put in it to go to a vet appointment.  My second foster mom has been allowing me to approach her at my own pace. She can only get close to me on my own terms. I appreciate that she is allowing me to do this as I slowly learn to trust. I do come when called, but still keep my distance. I'll need a patient and loving person who will continue to work with me to help build my confidence and trust. My foster mom says she can see I want to join them on walks, but she hasn't attempted to yet as in my first foster home I wasn't a fan at being leashed up. I'd do the alligator roll. She'll try a harness once I get more comfortable and she can pick me up. I'm sort of house trained as I will go outside via a doggie door, but if it's raining or I have no way to go out I'll do my business inside without warning. My foster mom is using training pads when I can't get outside.  If you have the love and patience that I need as I continue to learn to trust, fill out an application to meet me.  Additional information: *Current on shots  If you haven't already you may read their story below.  16 DOGS RESCUED FROM SINGLE FAMILY HOME....  Even when times are financially tough for our rescue, we try our hardest to help out when we are needed. A family, who was in over their heads because their dogs were not spayed or neutered, reached out to the rescue community for help. They initially said that there were around 9 Chihuahua mix dogs.  On Sunday, four C.A.R.L volunteers drove two vans loaded with crates to South Central Los Angeles to assess the situation. It was far worse than expected. All of the dogs had lived their entire lives outside on a cement patio with very little human touch. They were curious and wanted the treats we brought, but were very scared at the same time and would not let us pick them up.  It took almost 3 hours to catch 4 female Chihuahua mixes, 4 males and 7 puppies. The mother dogs had dug a deep hole under the cement patio about 6 inches in diameter. The puppies (who we think are about 4 to 5 weeks old) were packed inside and not easily accessible.  In the very corner of the yard was a large, old dog chained to the wall. He had broken free from his collar so the family used phone cords to secure the heavy, metal chain around his neck. The dog, who we named "Sam", had severe fly strike on his ears, scabs on his hind legs and sides from sleeping on concrete and was extremely malnourished. The family said they kept him chained up as a guard dog and also to keep him from hurting the little dogs. We approached him with caution, but he was eager to get to know us and came out of hiding for treats and love. He pushed his big head into our hands and we all instantly fell in love with him. We knew that we needed to save him too.  After a lot of convincing, the family finally agreed to let us take Sam. In all, we brought back 16 dogs (this includes the 7 puppies). One of the other females looks to be pregnant too and we will verify this with an ultrasound this upcoming week. .  After returning to our sanctuary, all of the dogs were situated with comfy beds, food and fresh water. In a few days after they have had time to decompress, they will all go to the vet for care.  The two moms with puppies are in a temporary foster home. They were covered from head to toe in fleas and ticks. Each puppy had at least 8 ticks on them. Several have skin infections that need immediate treatment.


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