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Pet name:
Chihuahua, Terrier, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with White
 is a happy, loving dog who needs a bit of time to settle into new situations. He is dog-friendly and very smart. We rescued Max when he had a urinary tract blockage and stones in his bladder that were life-threatening.  He has completely healed from the surgery!!

Energy Level?
 Max is generally high energy, and loves daily walks (about 30 to 45 minutes suits him just fine).

House trained? 
Max is generally house-trained but is reluctant to go outside in the morning. He does have occasional accidents in the house.

Describe how they are on a leash?
 Max is very excited to go on his walks and will touch his nose to his lease indicating he is ready to go for his daily walk. Sometimes he can be reactive to other dogs but sometimes will also walk calmly past a dog. He is friendly greeting other friendly dogs.

Describe how they are with other dogs?
 Max enjoys the company of other friendly dogs and will prefer to sleep close to another dog, if not actually on the same bed from time to time. However, he's good at picking up signals from dogs when they do not want him too close.

Have they been around cats or other animals? How were they?
 Max is good...for the most part. Max is a little too interested in my young cat and my kitten and so has limited access to them, although he has met them both. But he is pretty good overall with my dog-savvy older cat. (although he does get warned to back off from time to time by my cat).  

Commands they know?
 Max is largely untrained and would do amazing in a beginner class.

What are their favorite things?
 Max loves toys, zoomies around the house or backyard, snuggling in your lap, trying to eat the cat's food, trying to play or annoy the kitten, going for walks.

What do they need to work on?
 Recall, sit, stay, leave it.

How are they when left alone? How long have they been left alone?
 Max has only been alone for perhaps four hours. But, he's fine being in the kitchen when I'm in another separation anxiety

Where do they sleep?
 Max sleeps in his crate or an xpen.

What is their ideal home?
 Max would be great for someone who understands he really needs time to settle in. He growled and barked at me for two full days when I got him...and now my biggest challenge is keeping him off my lap when I'm trying to work. He's very loving, sweet, and playful...but is untrained and will not reliably come when called. He does not like leaving his bed in the morning and sometimes will growl when he is told to go outside. He rarely barks unless it's to get your attention (usually when he's hungry). He has no separation anxiety when he's kept in another room from me. He would be a great companion for someone who is willing to go slow and spend time training him. He is very smart and would benefit tremendously from training.

What is their meal schedule and what are they eating? 
Max eats special prescription food since he had stones removed from his bladder.  He loves his prescription kibble and has no problem gobbling it down.

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