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*Dear John EltonJohn -- LIMITED VISION   

In shelter Dog

Pittsburg, California, 94565
Pet name:
*Dear John EltonJohn -- LIMITED VISION
Chihuahua, Toy Fox Terrier, Mixed
Black with Gray or Silver
Coat length:
 ~12 yr old, 11 lb Chihuahua Mix NEUTERED MALE for ADOPTION 

Meet Dear John -- SF Bay Area of CA


"Dear John, I'm moving on;

By this time I'm gonna be long gone.

Dear John, c'est la vie.

Dear John, so long;

You've seen the last of me." -- 


Dear John is a ~12 yr old, 11 lb Chihuahua Mix who joins us from East County Animal Shelter of Alameda County


This FANTASTIC boy is always happy (yes, this is his personality shining through in his photos). This dog would make a wonderful blind senior rescue spokesdog for anyone who wanted to make him a social media star


He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, free of parasites and his senior labwork shows he is healthy. He has had a dental cleaning with extractions


He is on a very cheap medication for arthritis (around $2/month per @GoodRx – yes, two dollars) and will come with a several month supply and prescriptions to take to the pharmacy of your choice with refills good for one year at your cost. 


(Many of our senior dogs are on arthritis meds because just like people over the age of 40 often have aches and pains, so do dogs. "Not treating" is not the same as "not needing" for all of the people who constantly ask us why our dogs are on arthritis meds when many other shelter/rescue dogs are not.)


His foster mom says this about him (thanks Candice!)


“Oh Dear John. You are a lovely boy.


John is an older gentleman at around 12 years old. What he lacks in youth he makes up for in spades by knowing how to love. Dear John is one of the sweetest seniors his foster mom has ever met. His tail wags any time he hears your voice and he comes over willingly for love and snuggles. He is happy to be picked up and carried around. 


Since John has very poor eyesight, slower movements and talking to him to let him know you are there when you go to pet him or pick him up really helps. His poor eyesight doesn’t stop him from seeing his way to the back door, to the water bowl, or just walking around the house. His foster mom agrees that it’s likely he can see shadows so light is important and he has more difficulty in the dark at night. Dear John has a great sense of smell though and comes running at the slightest whiff of salami. 


He sleeps well in a crate all through the night with no whining and gives a big happy stretch first thing in the morning followed by a quick wagging tail.


Dear John has been around big dogs, little dogs, young and old dogs. He gets along with them all but he’s not really up to the energy that the younger dogs have, especially when they want him to play. He’d be happier with more calm dogs in the home. 


He loves to snuggle right next to his foster mom in the recliner for hours and will hop down for a drink or potty break and then comes back over to be lifted back into his spot. He also doesn’t mind sharing the seat with the other dogs. 


He seems potty trained but his adopter may need to experiment with doggy doors or screens to find one he can see or isn’t afraid of. 


Dear John has been around cats and likes to chase them... can he live with them?  That's up to the adopter and if you want to manage him.  He is small, so he is a nuisance more than a danger


Dear John has been around a very gentle 6 year old that has respect for senior dogs. He enjoyed a book reading from her and drifted off on a nap as she read. He is certainly more ‘tea party’ than ‘superhero’ in his preference for children. Dear John seems happy to meet anyone and everyone without much hesitation. Due to his senior status, small stature, poor eyesight, and very calm demeanor, I believe he would be best in a quieter home with someone that is willing to move slowly for him. He would be ok with the right children if they were calm and kind.


Dear John much prefers the very fluffy dog beds to the flatter ones. It could be that he’s a diva with a taste for the finer things but it could also be his seasoned, achy joints. 


He has a little trouble with stairs but seems to be learning them very quickly and is not deterred. 


He is on daily meds for arthritis and takes them happily wrapped in cheese or a small piece of meat. He actually gets very excited any time there’s a chance he could get a treat. 


He does well on a leash and is just a happy, relaxed, very chill guy.




-He doesn’t play with toys 

-He is very quiet and his foster mom had to check all of the dog beds to find him after he found a quiet spot while she was doing chores and vacuuming.


-He sleeps a lot and will do it on your lap, his crate, or any nice dog bed near by.


-Trimming his nails with a dremel went ok. He wasn’t ecstatic about it but sat, zero aggression or verbal complaints, and only pulled his tiny paws away every so often.


If you want a buddy to sleep by your desk, chill while you drink coffee on the porch, or snuggle while you binge watch Netflix, he might be your guy. If you want a hiking buddy or someone to play fetch, please check out many of the other wonderful dogs available for adoption”


He qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors Program where pets over age 5 are available to people over age 55 for a $5 adoption fee (application required and regular adoption criteria apply).


He is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and adopters will need to be willing to come to us to adopt him


If he has not been adopted by August, we will consider out-of-area transports to major US airports to flexible adopters willing to be standby flights (they are escorted in-cabin by off-duty volunteer flight attendants). 


If you would like to adopt please send a THOROUGH email that mentions DETAILS FROM THIS BIO to


If you cannot adopt, but would like to make a tax-deductible (EIN 45-4103375) towards this pet's care please do so on this post (if this is an option) or by one of these


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Please spread this dog around in order to help them find a home. We welcome adopter referrals from other rescues and breed clubs

Housebroken?: Yes, we think so
Crate Trained?: Yes
Leash Trained?: Yes
Rides Well in Car?: Yes
Non-Shedding?: No
Good with cats?: Will chase, not a danger
Good with dogs?: Yes
Qualifies for Seniors for Seniors?: yes
Umbrella of Hope does not have any strict rules on ages of children because all children are different, but our best approximation is that this animal would do best with children over the age of 8
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