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Pet name:
Chow Chow
Coat length:
OINK was taken to a busy city shelter when he was found running down the street with a leash dragging. Everybody thought his owners would come and claim him but that was not the case. From the condition Oink was in, it seemed that he was not a beloved pet and it turns out that this was his lucky day.  Oink, estimated by the shelter to be 13 years old, was underweight and his coat was heavily matted. The intake shelter shaved him down to make him more comfortable and we figure that is how he got his name - from his curly naked tail. Oink is quite pleasant for a Chow! He loves going on walks and is very friendly when meeting most of our volunteers. However, typical of the breed, he doesn't like to be messed with and will turn into an old man alligator but his bites are mostly air snapping. He is not good with cats but seems to be accepting of most dogs.  Oink is a little guy! His appropriate size will be about 35 pounds. Once he's gained a little more, Oink will be Scheduled to be neutered and will be available after he recovers from his surgery. Meanwhile, we are accepting applications and will begin the meet and greet process so that he will be buddies with his new family when he is ready to move in. Oink has had pre-surgical bloodwork run, is vaccinated and will be heartworm tested and microchipped at time of surgery. Adoption $150. Please fill out an application at if you're interested in adopting Oink and can provide him with the extra TLC and vet care that a senior needs. ❤️