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Hank (adoption pending)   

In shelter Dog

Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio, United...
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Hank (adoption pending)
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Hank is about 1 year old and has had a rough start in his young life.  He was not well socialized with people as a puppy so when he had a chance to escape he did and it took quite some time for him to be brought into to the safety of Almost Home.  He is handsome and soulful but still unsure of people and more comfortable with other dogs.  His foster mom is helping him learn how to be a family dog.  It took weeks for him to trust his foster mom, even enough to take treats or to be petted and seems to trust women more quickly than men.  He is very smart and is learning to “sit” “stay” “down” and “come” in spite of his timidness.  In his environment, his reaction to sudden movements or noises is to move away as quickly as he can or he cowers and refuses to move.  It is hard to anticipate what might frighten him and sometimes to even know what did frightened him. He takes a long time to warm up to people and because of his wariness it needs to be on his own terms, but once he trusts them, such as his foster family, he wants to be able to see them and be close.


Hank does have some separation anxiety, demonstrating barking, whining and pacing behaviors.  Being with another dog helps him as well as dog relaxation music. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to play, pounce, run and chase, typical of a young dog. Hank is sensitive and understands that he can be boisterous with younger dogs but not with an elderly dog in his foster home.


He loves toys and lines them up but has to be supervised since does chew on them and may eat what he chews off.  He is still learning to walk on a leash and is very fearful of getting into a car.  He is affectionate when he feels comfortable in the situation and with people he knows, he is attentive and alert.  He is at times clingy and cuddly but other times enthusiastic and fun loving.


Yes, Hank is a work in progress.  But he has made progress, going from not even taking a treat offered to him to lying on the couch next to his foster mom and falling asleep while being petted or brushed.

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