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Levi D5346   

In shelter Dog

Farmington, Minnesota, 55024
Pet name:
Levi D5346
Collie, Mixed
White with Black
So it is true.  I may not have that fun spunk of a new puppy.  But that doesn’t mean I shouldn't have a loving home.    Even though I am considered a ‘senior’ I have so much love to provide  I would love someone who will let me call their home my final home.

* check out my video of the special characteristics that I do have :)

You see life has not been easy for me.   To land in a shelter at my age is not fun.  I am not sure what I did as I don’t even know, but my foster mom took a chance on me.   I arrived covered in ticks and had heartworm.   I guess I could say I wasn’t previously taken care of.   My foster  mom said no worries, here is a warm bed, a nice blanket and she even gives me so many special dinners.   After many days of treatment and getting the help I needed, I have really turned into a special guy.

My family has been working really hard with me on training and I have come so far.  I am now much more comfortable in the home.   I know sit and down on command and working with heal.  My human sister is working training me and we have so much fun together.  I have discovered toys and love to grab them when no one is watching and run like the wind with them.   Birds.....oh boy I love them.   They like to tease me from afar so I have learned to sneak up and poof, they fly away.  It is a fun game.  

When I came into rescue I did some quirks, but hey don’t we all?   I mean, it what makes us who we are.  But my mom wants me to tell people so they understand the transition will take time.

I am slow to trust new people.   I am doing much better if I meet the people outside first and it goes much better.
It appears I was probably an outside dog so I tend to mark the first few days but a belly band in hand I learned very quickly.  Now I know much better!
I was really over-excited, nervous when I first lived a house.   I would find some objects and, well, I would get overly excited with them.    Yea, certainly not at all proper manners, but it gave my mom some chuckles.  I would hear her go Levi, OMG not again.   I no longer do that either but my guess is I could relapse until I got comfortable again.
I live with dogs but do better with dogs either who don't want to play or who are not over-powering.   I have a dane sister who is like a bull in a china shop that I have to remind to leave alone. 

I really just am looking for a  place to lay my head.   I love going out and smelling all the great smells after winter and hearing all the birds around me.   I would love to go on a short stroll around the block.  I go in my kennel when my mom goes to work, but I do put up a little singing show before I actually see her leave so shared walls aren’t the best.   I am guessing by their sudden movements little children will bother me.  But I live with a 10 year old and I love waking her up in the morning and following her around on her adventures.

So if you find it in your heart to give me a special spot in your home, please apply for me so we can meet!Interested in adopting this lovable animal? Please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  Once the application is processed, a Wags representative will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time/location for a meet and greet!  A home visit is required prior to adoption. 

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Breed and temperament determination:  Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue attempts to determine breed and temperament using a combination of looks, information provided to us at intake, and our experience with the animal while in our Rescue.  We do not guarantee this determination.