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Scrappy Cotijo   

In shelter Dog

San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, Uni...
Pet name:
Scrappy Cotijo
Dachshund, Chihuahua, Mixed
Coat length:
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Rescue Dachshunds.  Look around and read their bios.  Find a few whose personality seems to fit well.  Consider one of our Well Seasoned Seniors who are truly wonderful and have so much to offer.  Need help finding the best fit?  We'll help with that too.  Please fill out an application and let’s get you all matched up with a loving new “furever’ companion and friend. You’ll find the application on the “Available Dogs” page.   NOTE:     Adoptions to Central/South Texas residents only     

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Scrappy Cotijo's is a ChiWeenie who's mastered being both Chihuahua and Dachshund. At just over a year old he's nailed down playtime, naptime, and chowtime. He plays with his friends all the time and will initiate play if he has to! Napping is serious business for Dachshunds, this is a task he takes to heart. There is nothing cuter than a sleeping Scrappy. One of the quintessential requirements for being a dog is eating anything. He will eat whatever you toss at him. He absolutely loves bananas! For as much a dog as he is, he also has other breeds mixed in. He is part mountain goat, part cat, and part kangaroo. This little guy is as curious as they come and that comes with his great intelligence. After playtime or chowtime he loves a good nap or a snuggle. He will curl right up in your arms and fall asleep. His affection towards his humans grows daily. It is near impossible to say no to that adorable little face.

While Scrappy would make a great addition to any home, he prefers a quieter setting. A home without kids or big dogs would suite him best. He would love a playmate whether that be you or another small dog, although he is efficient at keeping himself occupied. If you would be interested in a guy who just wants to love and be loved fill out that application!


Scrappy had tested positive for tick born illness (Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia) when he first came into our rescue.  He did not have any symptoms but was put on a round on antibiotics anyway.  He may always test positive but never have any symptoms.  If he does have symptoms, then antibiotics is the treatment.  Our vet has cleared Scrappy healthy and ready for adoption.

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