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Fruitland, Maryland, 21826
Dachshund, Mixed
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* PLEASE NOTE TROVER NEEDS AN EXPERIENCED DOG OWNER THAT WILL BE EXTREMELY PATIENT AS HE NEEDS A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME TO BUILD TRUST. HE REQUIRES A HOME WITH NO CATS AND NO CHILDREN. HE NEEDS A SINGLE FAMILY HOME( NO APARTMENTS, CONDOS, TOWNHOMES, OR SHARED WALLS)HE CAN BE VERY VOCAL AND THE BARKING COULD BE AN ISSUE FOR NEIGHBORS. HE WILL NEED TO BE ADOPTED WITHIN 200 MILES OF BERLIN, MD. 21811. AND ALTHOUGH TROVER CAN EXIST WITH OTHER DOGS, IT ISN'T HIS HAPPY PLACE. HE WOULD DO BETTER AS THE ONLY DOG IN HIS FOREVER HOME. HE IS STRICTLY INTERESTED IN BEING WITH HIS PERSON.* Trover is a Chiweenie who is in search of his one true love! He is a sweet and spunky guy who likes playing with toys, patrolling the house, sticking by his person, and relaxing in front of the fire. He is curious and attentive and will really bond with the female in the house. He would be ideal for a single female. He will be a great companion and is equally up for a walk or playtime as he is cuddling on the couch and binge-watching TV. Trover can be possessive of both his toys and his person but corrects easily. He can live peacefully with other dogs but would probably prefer to have his person all to himself. Trover is good on a leash and enjoys being out and about. Trover gets nervous about change and will need a patient adopter who will give him plenty of time to adapt to his new home. He does need some time to relax and become comfortable in new situations. He would do well in a home with a very structured environment and a daily routine. He is housebroken and does not need to be crated when left- he is fine left for the workday (no accidents or chewing) and is happy to see his person return. Around 8:30 or 9, Trover decides he is done, puts himself to bed, and goes to burrow in his blankets. He is a real sweetie! If you think you have room in your heart and home for Trover, Please fill out an application at: For more info on me, please contact Molly, my foster mom at:   I am currently being fostered in Maryland and can be adopted within 200 miles of Berlin, Md. The Adoption Fee for Trover is: $275.00 + $45.00 for a health certificate if going over state lines (required by law). TRANSPORTATION HELP! If you see a furbaby that would be a match for your family, please don’t let distance stand in the way of your adoption. LPDR can work with you to have a volunteer transport to assist with transportation.


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