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Fat Head   

In shelter Cat

Cuba, Allegany County, New York, Unit...
Pet name:
Fat Head
Domestic Long Hair, Mixed
Coat length:
I've Joined the Joyful Feral Cat Colony.Fat Head seems to be very elderly, his backbone is prominent even though he is fed canned food 4-6 times a day and he devours it.  One eye is a bit more closed than the other and he's not growing back fur as well as a healthy/young cat.  This kitty had been coming and going, from the rescue, for the past 3 years and as hard as we tried we could not capture him.  Even when we found he was in the basement (welcomed himself coming through the garage cat door and the basement cat door) we would try to set canned food nearby and he would freak and run.  There is always dry food and water down there for the feral kitties.  So spring 2021 he started hanging around more often (outside) and one of the staff began setting canned food in the spots he would sit and watch us.  Fat Head kept coming closer and closer for the food until one day one of the staff was in reach and simply reached out and grabbed him by the scruff!!!!   She ran to the garage and put him in a crate, shut the door, and he was NOT happy!!!  No, it's not unusual for this staff person to throw caution (and the shredding of her skin) to the wind.  It was at this point she called for a little help to get food/water and a litter box inside the crate with the cat who wanted OUT!  There was a lot of hissing, spitting, teeth, and claws, but he was set up for the night and by the next day he allowed us to put more food and water in and a couple of days later we were able to change the litter box and pet him and he enjoyed it.  This kitty wasn't feral at all and we just don't understand why it took him so long to trust us.  The poor thing - what he must have gone through all that time. Anyway, now he is neutered, wormed, vaccinated, tested negative and he hangs around us all day, lounging on the apron of the garage mostly with humans and dogs stepping around him and he's totally fearless.  Fat Head is right by the door early in the morning looking for the first can of food.  We had to shave off the years of mats so his fur is a mess, his face is crooked, he's way skinny, but at least if he doesn't have long we've come to love him and he will be missed when he goes.
Oh and about his name... Fat Head must have suffered from chronic ear infections for most of his life (now all cleared up) which caused his ears to become swollen.  From a distance, all we could see was a kitty with a really big head...hence....Fat Head 
July 11, 2021 We are so sad to say he was found to have passed away peacefully on the front porch.  At least he knew love for a couple of months and didn't die without anyone caring.  We just wish he'd have loved us sooner.
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