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Hoss and Lil Joe   

In shelter Cat

Cromwell, Kentucky, 42333
Pet name:
Hoss and Lil Joe
Domestic Short Hair, British Shorthair, Mixed
Brown Tabby
Coat length:
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Like most of our kitties, this litter was found on the streets. A woman in Greenville, Ky found this family when they were about a week old. The mom was ran off by her dog and never returned. They went into foster care and have been bottle fed since. We have two of the 5 left. Hoss and Lil Joe have grown very bonded and doing great in foster awaiting funding for Hoss to have a need eye surgery. He had an overgrowth of the third eye lining and has seen a special cat opthamologist. They feel his eye can be saved if we can raise $2400 for the surgery. They will remove the extra lining and place a contact lense in the eye to restrict the lining from covering the eye again. There is a small chance they will get in the eye and find it damaged and have to remove, but it is very small. They don't see any signs that the eye is damaged beyond repair, and Hoss tries to use the eye. 

Hoss has a beautiful coat and is the prettiest of the litter in my opinion. He is a very handsome guy. His brother Lil Joe is the most outgoing and provides Hoss with a special secure bond that helps him feel safe. 

This is the absolutely sweetest set of brothers. 

The adoption fee is a donation to the cat rescue. We operate solely on donations and receive no government supplements. We often help those kitties that nobody helps. ❤ While they are considered fosters, please keep us updated and definitely let us know if anything seems wrong with your kitty for more than 48 hours. We are experienced in many common kitten issues. Our paypal and venmo address is and every penny designated to an animal is used on that animal. So if you feel compelled to help Hoss keep his eye, I would like to thank you on his behalf. If you are near us in Hartford, Ky and have any connections to a specialist that would do it at a discount, that would be awesome as well. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. And of course if you are a family looking to adopt two super unique cuties and have the resources to provide for them, please contact us or complete an application at





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