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In shelter Cat

Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, United ...
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black, White
Coat length:
Hi, I'm Lincoln. When I was just a little kitten, Texas CARES helped me find a home. Unfortunately after five years that didn't work out and I got really stressed and pulled out my hair. But it's ok, my hair is growing back and looking good. Foster mom says I have an awesome mohawk in the meantime though. Did I mention that my foster mom says I am a good boy?! As soon as she lays on the couch I will run over to get love. With my purr machine turned on high, I will sit on her chest and just relax, giving gentle headbutts and even a kiss now and then. One time we took a 3 hour nap that way, it was bliss. I've had some stress in my life and would really do best with an owner who is home often as well as a kitty buddy. If you work from home then I'm happy to sleep in a cat bed near you while you work. I may take a while to adjust to a new sibling, but will enjoy the companionship after I adjust. I absolutely love meal time; don't worry, I'll remind you if you forget. Just make sure the door isn't open, because I know how to get in. Lol. I really enjoy catnip toys, my cat tree to climb, a window to watch the birds, and a soft bed to sleep on. Did I mention catnip toys? Especially kicker toys! Are you ready to have Lincoln in your life? This guy just wants someone to love him. When you pet him he will give you a look of thanks. While he is not a fan of being picked up, he will seek out affection and just loves being near his human.