In shelter Cat

Los Angeles, California, United States
Domestic Short Hair
Lost or found date:
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Nicholas is a very cute and friendly little boy who loves other kittens and his human. He hates being alone and cries when nobody is nearby. He loves cuddling with cats or with people. He is also very playful and loves to run and climb. He has lots of energy so needs a kitten friend in his new home. He loves wand toys and jingle bell toys. He follows me around and loves to cuddle. He is wild and crazy and has a ton of energy but loves to fall asleep on your lap or in your arms once he is exhausted. He is curious and energetic and has a big personality. He is unique looking and has some medical issues. Someone found him in a dumpster around May 16th and he was injured. He has a cataract in his right eye so he is visually impaired - he gets around totally fine and can run and jump and play and use a litter box - but he doesn't see well up close. (If I try to get him to follow my finger he can't). He doesn't do very well with wand toys that don't make any noise either. Nicholas is very sweet and deserves a great home. He is a very needy little bean and needs at least one cat friend in his future home. He is currently in foster with Penguin and they love each other so much so they should be adopted together!INTERESTED IN ADOPTING? The first step is to go to our website, click on the "Adopt" tab, and fill-out our ADOPTION APPLICATION.   To meet other Stray Cat Alliance cats and kittens available for adoption, please visit one of our adoption centers below, or email us at to find out about meeting cats and kittens who are in foster care.   ADOPTION CENTERS   STRAY CAT ALLIANCE HEADQUARTERS 7 days a week in Los Angeles By Appointment:   WEST LOS ANGELES Saturdays and Sundays, 12:30pm - 3:30pm CENTINELA FEED AND PET SUPPLIES 11055 Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 Contact:   GARDEN GROVE PETSMART 9835 Chapman Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92841 View cats 7 days a week For more information:   SIGNAL HILL PETSMART Towne Center East 2550 Cherry Ave Signal Hill, CA 90755 View cats 7 days a week For more information:


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