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Neville (Neebo)   

In shelter Cat

Orlando, Orange County, Florida, Unit...
Pet name:
Neville (Neebo)
Domestic Short Hair
Coat length:
This pet is being adopted under the PawsLikeMe rehoming program but is located in Watauga, Tx. Neville – alias “Neebo” – is a 13-year-old cream-colored ragdoll cat.  He used to be an indoor/outdoor cat, but since becoming confined to a domicile, has become so laid-back and lazy that you often think he’s just part of the furniture. He’s the largest and bulkiest of the three cats, once so fat that he weighed >20lbs. He’s since been on a strict diet and looks more like a svelte 15lbs. However, he tends to eat like he’s in prison and has a bad habit of stealing the other cats’ food straight out from under them. Neville loves a good belly rub, and will often roll over and ham it up for your affection. His favorite trick is to sit on furniture in high traffic areas where he can suddenly pretend to stretch, reaching out when someone walks by because he knows no one can resist petting him when he does it. Sometimes he will even fetch a stuffed mouse in hopes you’ll toss it again. Neville is very cuddly and will flop next to you any chance he gets. If you’re sitting with your hand within reach, he will lift a paw and tap you to get petted. He sleeps next to the other cats sometimes, but he doesn’t particularly enjoy being groomed by them, and sometimes brotherly cat scuffles ensue. We would call Neville the Night Watchman, because we would often hear his deep caterwauling and tap-tap-tapping of his claws as he conducts late night “patrols” around the house. He routinely deposits offerings of stuffed mice at the bedroom door. Sometimes you can even tell that, while he’s caterwauling, he has his mouth full. He is also very chatty and will respond to his name when called, sometimes sounding as if he's saying "hello."


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