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Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Black, White
Coat length:
Hi I'm Phantom and I have a white belly. I am 10 weeks old. I am a really fun cat and boy am I fast. I'm hoping you adopt me and my favorite pal `Bandit.` We love playing hide and go seek and hug when we sleep. We sing together and love taking pics. Phantom is a gymnast and likes to flip. I love to hide and then pounce right on him. Bandit is just as fun and just follows my lead. He is a little calmer but just as loving. He has a white chest and is slightly smaller. Phantom is a gymnast and likes to flip. Bandit loves to hide and then pounce right on phantom. We love to cuddle with our foster parents. They even clip our claws with so much love while we sit and enjoy the time. We close our eyes in comfort. We love to eat our wet food mixed in with dry food/ pellets. We only eat 1/2 can each about every 5-6 hours. Bandit likes a separate bowl and will put his paw out to stop me from eating with him lol. We don't mind sharing the water bowl. We like our litter box clean and not too full. Otherwise, we will make a mess to remind you. We really don't like our paws to get dirty and sometimes we go potty simultaneously. We love wicker baskets with no fabric in it. We also love lots of toys: plastic balls, toilet empty toilet paper rolls, braided toys, and wiggly pipe cleaners (just make sure u fold in the pointy ends)We love our scratch pad and sometimes scratch on patterned floors or trays thinking it's fabric. We don't like car rides much, especially with the windows open. Lastly, we sing loudly, but Phantom is louder. It only means he's hungry or wants the litter changed. Please take us both home. We are two peas in a pod.