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Cliff and Swagger   

In shelter Cat

Philadelphia, Houston County, Alabama...
Pet name:
Cliff and Swagger
Domestic Short Hair, Domestic Medium Hair
Black, White
Coat length:
Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering. Rescuing one cat won't change the world, but it will change the world for that cat. 

These sweet siblings have found themselves homeless in their prime. Their owner has a new baby and decided she can no longer keep them. They have lived in the same home since they were born and would do best if adopted together. They were born 9/2010.
Cliff is Fluffy Black and White
A little bit about Cliff: 
Cliff is very friendly. He loves to cuddle. He loves attention, but it has to be on his terms. He does not like to be picked up. He does like dogs, but he will take a little bit to get used to them. Once he does, all is well. The only cat he has been around is his sister. So not sure how he will be with other cats. 
Cliff likes to eat. He has a special way of eating. He picks up his dry food, and uses his paw to eat, and will also toss some of his food on the floor. He drinks from his water bowl, but also likes to go to bath tub spout for water. He loves to paw at fuzzy blankets and pillows, and he will sometimes drool. He's also a licker. Licks your hands, walls, tables, anything at his eye level. But not all the time. Just here and there. He also loves plastic, crinkly things. He does not like the outdoors. He will go to an open door and he will stay there, and never runs, or ventures away. 
Swagger is an Orange and White tabby
 A little bit about Swagger:
 Swagger is very friendly .She loves all people and warms up to dogs pretty quickly.  Not sure about cats , the only cat she has been around is her brother. She is a cuddler! She loves laying on anything lumpy. Shoes, blankets, stuffies humans etc.. She loves being warm. Loves laying in front of the fireplace, or heater. She LOVES to eat. She will drink from her water bowl, but will also try to get water from the water cooler or bath tub spout. Swagger will carry socks, or other small soft objects in her mouth, and she will meow while doing so. She also tries to race you down the steps! Swagger likes the outdoors. She is not an outdoor cat by any means, but is very curious about the outside, and has explored our patio, but doesn't run away from us. 

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