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Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Gray, White
 Lewis is an engaging, loving, and bold cat!

Lewis has become such a confident and funny cat since living with his foster family for a few weeks. When he first came to foster care, he was incredibly sweet, but also nervous. Now, he is known for his jumping skills when he plays with his favorite feather toy. He gets zoomies multiple times a day, and will sprint all over the place if you let him. He needs play time throughout the day, as he will get big bursts of energy and then nap it off for a few hours after he's had a good 30 minutes of play time. He warms up immediately to strangers, and will absolutely try to get them to play with him by playfully running towards their feet, but he stops going for body parts as soon as he is redirected with a toy! He is truly an easy cat, but certainly needs an adopter who wants a cat that acts like a dog and is ready for play nearly all the time. Lewis will do amazing with a family where there is someone home frequently. He bonds with people fast, so as long as someone is home, he will be happy to hang out!

Age: 4 years
How I came to PAWS: Found stray
Animal ID#: A49378

​I am not at the shelter. Please email my foster parent at to learn more about me!

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