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Zizzy, Zahra, and Zazu *bonded trio*   

In shelter Cat

Philadelphia, Houston County, Alabama...
Pet name:
Zizzy, Zahra, and Zazu *bonded trio*
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Gray, White

Three chunky, cozy housecats are looking for the perfect home to live out their golden years. These senior sweeties all have very distinct personalities, and together they make the most delightful trio. Zizzy, Zazu, and Zahra came from a home where they were very loved for their whole lives, but sadly, their owner passed away in the summer. These little loves are bonded and have been together since they were kittens. They’re affectionate and easygoing. Zizzy and Zazu eat special food for kidney health, but all three are very low-maintenance.

Zizzy is a big, bold, beautiful gray tuxedo boy who wants all the attention. He is 15, but he’s a hearty, sturdy boy who seems younger than his years. He’s a happy 11-pound chonk with a huge personality and the softest fur. He’s a confident guy who always looks like he’s winking because he only has one eye — a pirate cat! — but he also loves to be babied and showered with pets and kisses and sweet talk. If you fail to give him the pets he demands, he will resort to headbutting your hand until you oblige. At bedtime, you’ll feel a warm, heavy weight by your side all night. He loves chasing catnip mice, sparkly pom-poms, and tinfoil balls. Zizzy is a cat who will definitely keep you laughing. 

Sweet, calm Zazu is a 14-year-old gentle soul who loves a sunny window to sit in and a cardboard scratching board to tear up. When she first arrived, she wedged herself into a small space next to my dresser, facing the wall and growling for two days. Now, she is the most affectionate of the crew! She has sweet eyes and a gorgeous tortoiseshell coat. Her owner believed she is littermates with Zizzy. It takes a little while to gain Zazu’s trust, but once she warms up, she loves fiercely and easily gets jealous if her brother or sister are getting attention and she is not. She lives for being pet and will grab your hand for more when you pull it away! She and Zahra are nearly inseparable and can usually be found curled up together. 

Zahra is a total doll baby. She’s a 12-year-old torbie girl with the cutest roly-poly body, super-soft fur, and a little squished-up face. When she sits, she often sticks one leg up in the air. She is shy at first, but very friendly and happy with the loudest purr. She absolutely loves being brushed and will come from all corners of the home if she knows one of the other two is getting brushed and she’s not. Though she usually opts for naps spread out on the floor, sometimes she gets a burst of energy to chase catnip mice or try to fight Zizzy (which is very funny to watch because she has no teeth!). She is a complete sweetheart.

Age: 15 (Zizzy)- 12 (Zahra)- 14 (Zazu)
How I came to PAWS: Owner recently passed away 
Animal ID#: A47835 (Zizzy)- A47834 (Zahra)- A47836 (Zazu)

​We are not at the shelter. Please email our foster parent at to learn more about us!

See videos of the the 3 Zs here:

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