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Boy *Courtesy Post*   

In shelter Cat

Redding, Shasta County, California, U...
Pet name:
Boy *Courtesy Post*
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
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Boy cat.  Outside he has to fend off a handful of strays and I have four cats here that slap at him when they pass by.  He wants to play but they don't get it.He is a large Tabby that has sprayed here and there inside the house when he comes inside very happy and excited he is going to eat or just in the house. He walks from one piece of furniture to the other, turning around and (not always) sometimes ends up spraying. When he is inside by himself, he doesn't do that. He lays around, takes naps, plays and rubs your leg. I think part of his insecurity is the four cats I take care of that have to come inside to eat when he does. Here's some characteristics.Does not get on laps or like to be picked up.
If he gets on the bed he sleeps at your feet.
Sits next to the bed making a little noise when he wants out or to eat.
Gets along with other cats but does better alone. Not sure about dogs.
Is fine with strangers and does not hide under the bed.
Has been neutered and vacinated.  Received booster for respiratory.
Loves to eat, play and sleep.
Needs to be cat box trained as he will not use or acknowledge the cat box. Acts like he has no clue what it is but has never been kept in long enough to have to use it.
Sprays in the house if too happy or excited.  Has to be supervised until established.
Must be returned if doesn't work out to my front yard.
As long as people know they can return him, simply by letting him out of a carrier in my front yard, he might find a home.  I don't want anyone kicking him out in a strange place because he sprayed which is why I will not be advertising on Craigslist. He is a super cool cat and deserves an owner who really loves him and his own home.