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In shelter Dog

Ramsey, New Jersey, 07446
Pet name:
English Setter
White with Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
Coat length:
Name: Dewey 

Age: 6

Sex: Neutered Male

Weight: 55lbs

Good with dogs: Most 

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with kids: Yes (Over 6)

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Color: orange

Medical: Thyroid and anxiety meds, otherwise up to date! 



Sweet Dewey is looking for the perfect forever home where he can spend his days wiggling his booty and getting as many snuggles as possible. He is totally aware of how good looking he is and is a total charmer, he will let you know if he isn’t getting enough attention by gently setting his paw on your lap as to say, excuse me I need some more pets. He has the energy level of a 2-3 year old setter, and the manners of an adult setter, truly the best of both worlds. I think Dewey would make a great therapy dog and would love human siblings granted they are sturdy on their feet. 


Dewey had happy tail multiple times when he was younger which led to having his tail amputated. He ended up with the cutest little pom- pom nub. His whole body wiggles when you smile at him and his little nub moves at lightning speed. Dewey does take two medications, but is otherwise healthy and up to date on everything. He takes Prozac for anxiety, but I’m confident once he’s settled into a new home and receiving enough exercise he will easily be able to come off of it. He also takes thyroid medication ($7 a month) and takes both meds with ease! 


Dewey requires a secure fence or someone experienced with training setters to an IF. Dewey can clear a 6 foot fence with ease, he is a true athlete. If he is going to have doggy siblings they will need to be a well mannered more submissive dog or he would be happy to be an only dog (he has been an only dog his whole life and would be totally happy to continue to be an only dog). Dewey likes his friends to be well mannered and predictable, so he is not a good candidate for doggy daycare or a busy dog park. 


Dewey is a true high energy dog and needs lots of daily exercise. He would be a great hiking, running, or kayaking buddy! He will bark at the occasional bird that gets close, but isn’t overly birdie or fixated on wildlife. He is cat friendly! 


Dewey is crate trained and kennels up easily, but usually barks the first 5-10 mins after you leave him.  


After that he settles in and either starts to work on his enrichment toy or takes a nap. He will happily take a structured nap in his crate if you are nearby, but he also does not crave the comfort of a crate and could go without it. His recall on a long line is strong, but I would not yet trust him off leash, like most setters. Dewey likes to show of his amazing bunny hops when the leash comes out, but has quickly learned that thresholds are not to be barged through. His manners out in public are impeccable, he gets constant compliments on how calm and well mannered he is. He would love a family that enjoys going to dog friendly breweries, patios, and event! 


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