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Hixson *Arriving 7/24*   

In shelter Dog

Princeton, Mille Lacs County, Minneso...
Pet name:
Hixson *Arriving 7/24*
English Springer Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Black with White
Coat length:
Name: Hixson

DOB: 6/24/16

Weight: 45lbs

Adoption Fee: 400.00

Hey everyone! My name is Hixson. I'm originally from Texas.. actually, I'm still there. I was found as a stray living in Houston, around a place called Hixson Lumber.. hence my name! I was lucky enough to head to a foster home, and I currently live with children, adults, and big dogs, and I do great with them! I live with young children now, and I love them as much as they love me. They don't like when I try to steal their stuffed animals from them though.. but in my defense, they look like dog toys! I also have tried to sneak treats out of their hands, but a quick "no" will re-direct me. So I'm a great listener! I've met smaller dogs in passing and done well, so I think I'd do great with dogs of all sizes! I haven't spent any time with cats though, so I'm not quite sure how I'd do with them. I'm potty trained, which is fantastic for you.. and your carpet! ;) I'm also crate trained, and spend a lot of my crate time while my foster family works snoozing away. I have been trusted for short time outs while my foster family is away. I do great in a "dog friendly" area... aka nothing they don't want us getting into. Otherwise I do have a tendency to be a bit of a garbage rummager or counter surfer if I smell ANY food. Hey... can't expect me to change my ways that quick when I use to have to do that in the streets to find food! I'm workin' on it though. I do have a bit of storm anxiety though, but I feel much better if you're there with me. If you leave during a storm, I will cry at first, but I do settle down after a while. My foster family says I'm a wonderful, easy-going, dog who is eager to please, and be as close to people as possible. I occasionally like to jump up on my human's lap to get love and pets. My leash manners could use some work, but I think with a little more training on walks, I'll catch on fast. Also... do you have a fence? If you do, and it's shorter than 6 feet, just know I can and will jump it! I only do this if I can see you so I can be closer to you though. Regardless, I should be watched closely outside or on a long lead. I am heartworm positive, but don’t let that deter you! I will be completely healthy again very soon. Since I have heartworm right now, I’m available through the foster to adopt program. 

Find out more about the foster to adopt program here:


Since Hixson is heartworm positive.  He will need to be treated in at our clinic in St Cloud. 

Heartworm treatment consists of 3 injections. The first injection will be in roughly 30 days after coming into rescue. The the 2nd and 3rd injections happen 30 days after that. When a dog is going through heartworm treatment, they should be on "restrictions", meaning a lot of lap time, crate time and always on a leash. Heartworm disease is NOT contagious, it is transported via mosquitos.



Here is a great article explaining what heartworm is and how it's treated: 

An adoption application is the first step in the foster to adopt program. 

Ruff Start Rescue Criteria for Adoption:


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