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In shelter Dog

Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee, ...
Pet name:
Golden Retriever, Mixed
Golden, Chestnut
Coat length:
Bishop is a large, six year old, golden retriever mix. At 90lbs., this guy has it all... mesmerizing looks and the intelligence to match!
Bishop was rescued because his intelligence has made it difficult for him in homes with less hands-on people. He has escaped numerous times and it was suspected that he simply could not be contained but that is not the case. With cautious guidance, he has enjoyed working on his recall and learning to stick by his people. He needs a family that is willing to put on the training belt and work on sharpening his skills rather than dulling them down.
But, who says enrichment can’t be fun? Once he settled into a routine with his fosters, he became more and more food driven and focused. Bishop loves sharpening his hand shaking skills more than anything. Clicker training is a tool that he thoroughly enjoys.
We’re not sure what cats have ever done to Bishop, but we can certainly tell he holds a grudge! He does not like cats one bit. Bishop has tried to engage in play with other dogs but is usually misunderstood. His assertive behavior is not something all other dogs understand at first. So, a meet and greet with slow introductions are definitely recommended. He would be ok with older kids but not small children because he is very independent and does not like hugs or any kind of restraining. With brains like this, housebroken isn’t even a question! Bishop is a master of making sure he’s in the right place at the right time.
Bishop is just made to love!
*Guest Posting**Adoption Fee $150
If you would like to meet your new best friend, contact the Adoption Coordinator at or 865-236-0830. To fill out an application, go to  If you can't get it to work, tell us and we will email it to you in a different format.