Rocko *FH*   

In shelter Dog

Sanford, Seminole County, Florida, Un...
Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, Mixed
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Rocko *FH*
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PLEASE NOTE:  TO BE CONSIDERED APPLICANTS MUST HAVE A 6 FOOT HIGH FENCED BACKYARD AND A SINGLE STORY HOME.   THANK YOU FROM THE ADOPTION TEAMRocko is such a big, fluffy, goofy, sweetheart. We have been informed by the shelter that previously had him that he does not like men approaching him. Since he has been at the rescue, he has improved with his interaction with men and has shown positive behavior. We recommend slow and gentle introductions to any new men in his life.     Since he is quite large, we are also requiring that his new home have a fenced-in backyard for him to stretch his legs in, and a single-story home so he does not have to go up and downstairs.  He is still a young dog, so he will need some training to make the perfect doggy companion. Due to his size and jumping up on people, we recommend older children in his new home.Rocko has shown promising behavior toward other dogs and seems interested in interacting with them. However, at this time, he has not yet joined a playgroup. We noticed that Rocko has a lump on one of his elbows. We took him to the vet for them to check it out, and they took x-rays. The vet stated, "There is nothing major seen in the lump. There is a very mild bony growth (periosteal proliferation), but no fractures of the elbow or signs of arthritis. The elbow just has a hygroma (swelling) that is common in large breed dogs who lie down on too hard a surface. The swelling may go away with time. A big orthopedic bed is recommended to prevent him from landing hard on his elbows." April Dog 4 a Day update!  Rocko is such a good boy! First of all, he is such a pretty dog. He looks incredibly majestic and regal. But even more importantly, Rocko was so good on our walk at the trail! He enjoyed the walk and loved to stop and sit in the grass next to us. He was so sweet and liked exploring and looking out the car windows on the way to and from the trail. He was incredibly well behaved, did not pull on the leash, and was just so sweet. Rocko is such a great dog!    D4D 5/22/21: Rocko was a very sweet boy.  We took a long walk up and down the riverfront, and he only barked once at a jogger, otherwise, he was more interested in sniffing than anything else!  The passing cars, motorcycles, and bikers didn't seem to bother him.  Afterward, we got back in our car and went back to our house for the afternoon, where he checked out every inch of my backyard, had a little snack, and enjoyed a nice long nap!  I got down on the floor with him, and he definitely loves to snuggle!   Rocko needs a 1 story home with a big backyard and a family with large breed/dominant experience. If you are the family for Rocko, please fill out an application to be considered. 


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