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Balto D6720 (was D7497   

In shelter Dog

Fremont, Alameda County, California, ...
Pet name:
Balto D6720 (was D7497
Gray, Silver, Salt & Pepper with Black
Gorgeous Balto (hero husky) was rescued from a shelter where he was nervous first few days and needed time to warm up (Watch my video!). Once he felt safe he was friendly with female staff but a little nervous of their male staff. Our volunteers male and female met him and tested him. He warmed up to both of them fast and loved all their treats. He was fine with walks and being petted. He is also good with meeting other nice dogs.
 Poor Balto had severe ear infections so he had deep ear cleaning with meds packed in one ear the other ear has a membrane ruptured (needs to heal) and his neuter surgery yesterday. He is now relaxing and doing great at his foster home. Balto was really hungry and enjoyed his meal.   He loves to play fetch with his toy and brings it back (drops). He is very happy now and loves rolling on the lawn. Balto is a sweetie.
 More photos and info to come as he heals gets healthier and learns at his foster home. He will need an experienced active guardian and a home with a backyard. No kids for now. We need time (2-3 weeks) to learn more about his personality.
 3/1/21 update: Balto was neutered on Wed by the shelter vet.   At first it seemed like normal swelling from neuter.  He was happy eating and taking short walks.  But as of last night he was feeling really bad.  He was rushed in to our vet today that kindly allowed this at the last minute.   Poor Balto had a severely infected (very swollen) scrotum from his neuter.  It was so infected with pus that he needed urgent surgery at Tama Vet for scrotal ablation- removal of the scrotum versus medical management with antibiotics.  He is staying over night for hospital care.  Balto will be feeling better tomorrow when he goes back to his foster home for extra TLC.   He will need 2 weeks to 1 month to heal. Donations appreciated for his $1000 surgery bill.
 3/24/21 update: Balto is a very sweet friendly pup. He is super social and plays appropriately with all dogs no matter how big or small they are. We have a dog door leading to the fenced backyard and he enjoys going in and out to play in the yard at his leisure. Balto has many toys to throw in the air and play with. He also likes his kong toy especially with peanut butter. When we are home he lays down on the floor near me and relaxes. He likes to cuddle and loves to be next to me and to be brushed. At bedtime goes right into his crate. His crate door is always open and he may go in and out as he pleases. He sleeps through the night in it. In the morning he goes out to the backyard through his dog door to relieve himself. He has learned many new things such as how to jump up into the back of the SUV to go to fun places. He rides well in the car. He is still shy of men in general and will back up away from them.  Balto needs time to warm up to new men and feel safe.  He likes walks but doesn't seem to want to go on long walks and will often just sit down to watch something of interest to him. He's overall a super gentle loving pup.
 4/5/21 Update: Balto would love another dog at home to play with if possible or go out to dog socials someone around experienced adult guardians and backyard.  He needs someone home or be with or he may try to follow his guardian. He is great going on adventures (beach rivers snow trips) and short hikes.   He needs time to warm up (leary/fearful) with men. No chickens or cats.   He is very loving at home.  Balto enjoys quiet enviroment.  Busy noisy places make him nervous.YouTube:

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