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Lexington, South Carolina, 29071
Labrador Retriever, American Staffordshire Terrier, Mixed
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Please contact Main Email CARE (caretoadopt@gmail.com), (803) 622-9813 for more information about this pet. The most accurate and up to date information about adoptable pets is on our official website at www.caretoadopt.org. EXPERIENCED ADOPTERS ONLY - PATIENCE AND TRAINING REQUIRED - Lexington, SC.Midnight is very intelligent, loving, eager to be with family, playful, and energetic. He grew up with kids and a female puppy, but has not been exposed to cats. This guy knows several commands and loves to play chase. Midnight also loves to chill and snuggle on the couch & bed. He does not have a foster home, so he lives in a boarding facility. Midnight does very well with the staff. He is on fluoxetine daily (cheap, but we are able to keep him supplied if needed).Midnight was allowed to run loose for play and potty breaks in his previous home. One day, Midnight wandered over to a neighbor's yard where they were having an outdoor event. We were told Midnight was trying to get people to chase him when a neighbor maced him 7 times. Inevitably, he nipped the neighbor.We didn't find any issues with Midnight when we took him in, so posted him for adoption. He did okay with a potential adopter for about 20 minutes. He was jumping up on all of us, excited, a bit anxious, but then seemed to settle. Midnight was laying on the ground, belly up, letting him pet him. When the man asked if he could take Midnight on a walk and reached out for his leash, Midnight lept up and attacked him (circled him, jumping up, bit him several times). He did break the skin and ripped his shirt. He could have seriously injured the man, but he didn't. It was more like - go away, get off me, I don't trust you. We think Midnight had a flashback to when he was maced.Midnight has never bitten, growled or offered to bite staff at the boarding facility where he now lives. He has been a regular at this facility since he was a puppy, but he instantly accepts new staff - male, female, young & older. Midnight loves to learn and excels at it. He would probably do very well with dog sports.While we continue to work with Midnight, we are positing him in hopes another skilled person will step up for him. We want to be sure this person and Midnight are set up for success. If you feel you are a fit, please contact us. We have a few options for setting up safe introductions in Lexington, SC.Breed: best guess is Lab/AmstaffAdoption Fee: $75.00 A completed adoption application and home visit are required for approval to adopt a CARE dog. We do adopt out of state if all vetting is complete. The most accurate and complete information about available dogs can be found on our official website at www.caretoadopt.org.www.caretoadopt.org Adoption saves lives!


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