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Denton, Callahan County, Texas, Unite...
Labrador Retriever, Mixed
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Hi,   I’m Dash. That’s short for Balderdash. I’m a very handsome good boy looking for a family who wants a playful furball of fun. I’m friendly and get along great with my foster siblings. I like people, too, after I make sure they’re nice and not serial treat stealers or anything evil like that.   I love to play and chew on things. I’m good with other dogs, and I’ve even started to get along with the cats. Initially, I thought they were chew toys, but not anymore. I leave them alone except for a few sniffs. Unless they run. Then I chase. I chase almost anything that runs. I’m very good at it.   I have super expressive ears according to my foster dad. He says that’s his favorite part about me because I make sure they’re always in position to cover all the angles and sometimes it looks a little goofy. I don’t think it’s anything special – I just think his ears are boring and he’s jealous.   I’m super athletic too. How do I know? Well, apparently not every puppy can jump from the kitchen floor onto the counter whenever he or she wants. I can, though. But, I don’t anymore because it’s apparently impolite.   I do really well in my crate and sleep all night without any issues. I also do a good job on the leash when we go for our nightly walk. Sometimes. Sometimes I get excited and attack the leash, but only for a minute, then I get back to patrolling the neighborhood.   I’ve been learning my manners. I’m getting really good at eating with my foster siblings without trying to steal their food. I’m also getting better at the slow-feeder puzzle bowl. I learned how to eat without chewing on the actual bowl. Sometimes I still do it, but then my foster parents remind me that I’m not supposed to, and I stop.   I know how to sit and I’m working on door manners as well as not barking from over excitement when the issue of food is brought up. But, I’m super food motivated, so if you have a pocketful of treats, you can probably teach me to do just about anything.   I don’t like getting baths, but getting brushed afterwards is awesome. Then I like to go roll and crawl around in the grass for 20 minutes to get the smell off.   I’d love to meet you if you’re up for being my best buddy.  Falling for Balderdash? Retrieveafriend.Org/adopt


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