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In shelter Dog

Mundelein, Lake County, Illinois, Uni...
Pet name:
Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Leonardo's big brown eyes say it all.  A little shy, a little playful, and a whole lot of loveable!  Leo is a medium energy dog that endears himself to his humans.  He makes sure they know that they are both loved and protected at all times.  His 70 pounds won't stop him from crawling onto your lap when you sit down, or from finding the most perfect spot at the foot of your bed to curl up on and watch over you as you sleep.  And when you come home from work, he will prance around at your feet to show you just how much you were missed.   This smart boy is crate trained, house trained, knows all of his basic commands  and would never ever chew on any of your favorite shoes!  Just don't leave the lid to your trash can up when he's around (we're working on that one) Despite all of these amazing qualities, however, Leo is not perfect.  He can be nervous at times and therefore requires a quiet home free of the commotion and chaos that can follow young children.  And while Leo loves other dogs.....  he is really, REALLY bad at meeting new ones and requires multiple (slow) introductions before he lets his guard down.  Meeting new dogs on walks is especially stressful for Leo - he panics and his anxiety sky rockets.  An adventure on less traveled paths or a big fenced backyard where he can chase a ball by himself or another doggie friend would be ideal.  Either way... Leo needs a confident, experienced owner that will accept his flaws and love him for all of his amazing strengths.At the end of the day, all Leo wants and needs is a safe haven to call his own, a patient owner to show him the ropes and a few longs walks a day to stretch his legs.  In return, you will get the unconditional love of a dog that's been misunderstood for most of his life.  A dog that just wants someone to finally call his own.  If you think this may be you, please contact us for a private meet and greet with our Leo!      Follow us on Facebook for additional updates and sneak peeks of new dogs!