Labrador Retriever, Mixed
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 HELP!!  HELP!!  HELP!! Tater is in need of a new home, but then what's new, so many, many wonderful four legged pets are in need of  kind, loving, caring and responsible new homes.  This handsome boy is six years old, weighs in at  eighty three pounds and is a fabulous  Labrador Retriever mix. What a sweetheart this lad is!!!  He totally loves everyone and never meets a stranger.   He has a terrific personality, he is easy going and very, very kind.   He did have a home once.  His owners decided they  didn't want him any longer so they put him in the car and drove him straight to  Hillsborough County Animal Services, a very, very HIGH kill county shelter.  He did absolutely NOTHING to deserve being dumped/abandoned.  What a lucky, lucky pooch him is, he is one of the few that made it out alive.  So many, many   that walk through the doors at animal control facilities NEVER make it out, they are put to sleep.  Not because of anything they have done, because of their owners who plain and simply do NOT have any regard for their lives.  It is sooooo terribly sad, so many, many die unnecessarily.  We have promised him he will get the MOST terrific home in the world this time around.  Don't you think he deserves a great home with someone that loves him and will be his bestest bud for the rest of his life!!  We sure do!!  His foster folks think he is just the best companion ever!  He is just the most awesome gent you have ever met.  Very hard to believe with knowing what he's been through.  One thing is for doggone sure and that is that he is one handsome dude!.  And of course he's as sweet as sugar and  definitely just as happy as a clam!!!  Here is what this baby doll would love.   Tater would love to go on nice long car rides, and loves nice long walks.    He will love to snuggle in right next to you at night and help keep you keep the sheets warm!!   During the day, he'd love to watch TV with you, actually, he'll really love being right next to you at all times.  You see, Tater is very affectionate and loves spending as much time as he possibly can just hanging out at home, following you around and doing whatever you say.  He wants to make you soooo happy, so he's going to do everything in his power to please you.  What he DOES NOT want is to loose his home again, this time he wants a permanent place in someones heart, someone that wall make a commitment to care for him, love him, and keep him with them forever and ever!   What more could anyone ask for, Tater is completely housebroken and totally trustworthy to be left home alone! This gent is pretty close to perfect!!!   In fact, he is perfect!!   Is he just the best or what??  Yep, he IS the best!!!   Any questions you may have regarding Tater, please call 813-263-5531.  Adoption donation $85.00


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