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NEEDS DONATIONS -- Saint -- Hot Mess Express   

In shelter Dog

Pittsburg, California, 94565
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NEEDS DONATIONS -- Saint -- Hot Mess Express
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 12 yr old, 12 lb Maltese (Mix?) with MULTIPLE MEDICAL CONDITIONS Please be sure to read the ENTIRE bio before contacting us about this dog and address his many medical needs if you would like to adopt


Venmo umbrellaof-hoperescue

Mailing (only) address: 4040 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, CA 94565

“And heaven can wait

But you ought to be a saint

I got your very best intentions

Helping me along

And if I ever fail to mention

You were an overnight sensation

Well take it from me

My baby's a saint

My baby's a saint” – Elton John


We need our VILLAGE to step in and help this ADORABLE FLUFFMUFFIN


Meet the newest member of our SUNSET CLUB FOR HOSPICE PETS. He is considered adoptable hospice and is available to anyone willing to give him the best ever "sunset." 


Saint is a ~12 yr old, 12 lb Maltese (Mix?) who joins us from @San Jose Animal Care Center. He is friendly and sweet and is a very good boy.


Our vet estimates that he likely has about a year of quality life left but that it is just a guesstimate and could be shorter or longer depending on how he responds to treatments


He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and free of parasites. He is also getting groomed soon!


His senior labs showed that he needs a senior specific food and thyroid medications. 


He also has dry eye and will require daily medications for this (right now prescription meds and possibly can switch to OTC in 1-2 months depending on response).


He will have an echocardiogram at the specialist soon to work up a heart murmur that may or may not need daily medications.


He also needs a dental cleaning with some extractions to make his mouth more comfortable.


He takes daily arthritis medication to keep him comfortable.


He has a reported history of seizures but none have been observed in the shelter or in our care and there were no records from the veterinarian per the surrendering party (we guess it has been a long time – if ever – that he was seen by one).


This is where we need his village to step in… sometimes there is a BIG gap between someone who is willing to take on a major medical case like this guy and someone who is able to provide his medications and food. We are trying to ‘crowdsource’ his care so that someone who is willing to give him a beautiful home is not overwhelmed with the care he needs and here is where you can help. While he is considered “Sunset Club” (hospice – due to multiple medical needs) we do provide quality of life medications to make him more comfortable.


His dental cleaning and echocardiogram/EKG will run us about $750 each = $1500


His ongoing needs are 

 *Prescription food will be around $25/month ($300/year)

*Current medications will be around $25/month ($300/year)

*If he needs heart medications, these will also be an additional $20-25/month ($240-300/year)


Our goal is to raise $1000 to take care of a year of his medications and food for an adopter. Any additional funds will go towards his echocardiogram and dental.


Saint will be available for adoption in about a month and can be adopted locally OR transported to most major US airports for flexible adopters willing to meet standby flights (pets are escorted in-cabin by off-duty flight attendants. He can be fostered-to-adopt locally now (or if someone just wants to foster him locally, we can do that too as it frees up a space for us to help another needy dog). 


Donations are tax-deductible (every person in our organization is a volunteer and all donations go directly to the animals). Our EIN is 45-4103375 and we are a federally recognized 501(c)3. They can be made through this post or one of the following ways


Venmo umbrellaof-hoperescue

Mailing (only) address: 4040 Railroad Ave, Pittsburg, CA 94565


You can also buy Umbrella of Hope merchandise where you not only advertise our cause with cute clothes, but the proceeds also benefit our medical fund — at


We have an Etsy store where all proceeds benefit our medical fund at


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Please spread this dog around in order to help them find a home. We welcome adopter referrals from other rescues and breed clubs 


We are on all social media at @umbrellaofhope and we invite you to follow us and share which helps more people see and adopt our pets. 
To help our ALL VOLUNTEER team rescue more senior, special needs, medically needy and hospice animals (and a few "typical" ones along the way, please consider making a tax-deductible (TAX ID 45-4103375) donation online at or Venmo @umbrellaof-hoperescue or Zelle  
You can also buy tees, tanks. sweatshirts, hats and bandannas where all proceeds benefit our animals
We also have an Etsy store where the merchandise is made by volunteers and supporters, changes regularly and 100% of the proceeds benefit our medical fund
Amazon Wish List

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