Toko-Mo a PapiJack (Jack Russell-Papillon)   

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Papillon, Jack Russell Terrier, Mixed
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Toko-Mo a PapiJack (Jack Russell-Papillon)
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Toko-Mo is a sweet, loving, friendly 18-month-old boy who was relinquished with his 2 puppies and their momma, the moms' sister, and Toko-Mo's brother-Popcorn. This mixed breed is called a PapiJack. (google the breed)  Toko-Mo is a Jack Russell Papillon mix with medium long soft silky fur. He loves attention, being talked to, and hugs. Toko-Mo is still getting used to having a lot of freedom outside a pen and is loving it. He is housebroken but has also learned how to use a Peepad as a backup if needed. Toko-Mo is very smart and with a professional trainer and focus he can learn much.             Toko-Mo is neutered and up to date.  Toko-Mo is a lap dog, loving friendly, likes all small dogs he has met but prefers females or one of his sisters to hang out with. He is a healthy boy. We are feeding Toko-Mo a canine-specific Human Grade diet and will educate his adopters on proper diet and nutrition. Toko_Mo was rescued from a hoarding situation and will do best to be with another dog or puppy or adopted with one of his sisters. HE CANNOT BE an only dog. He seems to get close and bonds with one person and can be quite protective. We recommend a no child home and one without visiting children. He is also a hunting breed, so no cats. Toko-Mo will require training. He spent a lot of his life in a dog pen (which he now dislikes) (see picture at the hoarding home)                                                    Toko-Mo will need someone willing to work with a professional positive-based trainer who can help him learn his basic manners and how to walk with a harness and a lead.  He needs someone who knows the potential of this breed and wants to help Toko-mo succeed and learn commands for his safety and to be a good canine citizen. Toko-Mo is 15.5 pounds and is in great athletic shape and physicality. With some work and gradual strength training, he will make a nice trail walker or agility pup. Toko-Mo needs a yard in a quiet area and is not an apartment dog. The Yard will facilitate training so he can be taught manners, learn how to walk on a harness and leash, and eventually lead to going outside of the home on walks and adventures. he will thrive best in a  less busy neighborhood or country setting as Toko-Mo was raised on acreage. Toko-Mo has an adoption fee of $650.00. All monies are recycled to save more dogs and help cover medical costs.   To apply to adopt Toko-Mo, please start the adoption process by filling out an online application. Pre-approved applicants will be called for a formal phone interview and if approved, a meet and greet will be set up to meet Toko-Mo and all dogs you may have an interest in.


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