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Chester The Jester   

In shelter Dog

Acme, Michigan, 49610
Pet name:
Chester The Jester
Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Coat length:
Sweet boy just looking for his BFF.My name is Chester, and I am a lab-pit mix with an emphasis on the pit. My fosters call me The Jester after Bob Dylan.  They had never known a pit mix before and were nervous, but I have convinced them that we are a very faithful and loving breed.  I came to AC PAW after my original owner died, and I was in a couple of places and got very nervous and had some health and paw/skin issues, etc.  Also some arthritis in hips and elbows but gosh I’ve still got a lot to offer. My foster parents have done a heck of a job getting me better! I must say that they like me a lot and are no longer skeptical about an old pit-lab mix. I like to think I am an Ambassador for Pitties everywhere - We are amazing! How could you not love us?
So, let me tell you all about ME...Read on and see if you might be the perfect human for my perfect self!
** I’m eight years old but my age has made me loving and appreciative and I’m super gentle! Plus, I like to think...I am eight years YOUNG. I have some aches and pains but with proper care, I am a happy loving fella (and pretty handsome if I do say so myself)
** When I say I am loving, I mean really loving. I will look at you adoringly and nudge for pets, and fully enjoy just hanging out with you often. You’ll like me, I just know it. The fosters think I’m special that way. 
**They are a quiet, semi-retired couple who live in a house in the woods, so there is usually someone around most of the time. It’s quiet and away from traffic. I REALLY want someone around most of the time....I get too lonely easily.
**I’m a house dog.  When they go away for groceries or out to dinner, they’ve never been gone for more than four or five hours, and all I do that whole time is move some of their shoes.  That’s it. I’m good that way.  I’m really excited when they get home. I really do better when my people are around me and will not do well in a home where I am left alone for long periods of time.
**I can go for short trips in the car, but longer than that I get really nervous.
**I weigh about 68 pounds and my vet likes that I have a waist, and says that being a bit light is better for the arthritis.
**I like soft beds because of my arthritis. I sleep on a soft mattress at the end of my foster’s bed. I sleep a lot. There’s also a bed in the living room.
**I go outside in the morning to pee, and come right back in. Same right before bed, a quick outdoor stop. 
**I like three or four ten-minute walks a day, but more than that and I get too sore.
**I walk well on a leash, but will stay close without a leash once I’m used to you.
**I’ve been managing stairs ok, but they are not my favorite. A home all on one level would be best for me.
**I bark very briefly at strangers when they come to the door, but calm down quickly. I pretty much love everyone I meet.
**I know basic commands of sit, lay down, go to bed, and come—though I have to make up my mind about that last one.
**I have several favorite ball and squeak toys that I will chase for short distances, usually in the house.  I like to carry them around to show off.  I sometimes lick them for comfort. My fosters think it’s kind of charming.
**When I’m playing I have a low growl, almost like a lion’s purr, but I am truly just playing.
**My fosters were told I am NOT good with other dogs, but they have never tested it. They do know I was briefly around a small dog and I didn’t mind that - but who knows about bigger dogs, so best to keep me leashed when other dogs might be around. And best NOT to plan to take me to public parks with lots of other dogs around.
**I was raised with a couple of cats and I like them okay - I am really pretty much indifferent of them...they can do their thing and I will do mine.
**I eat a cup of dry food mixed in with a third cup of wet food twice a day.
**I take Apoquel to keep my allergies under control. That costs about $70 per month, but it REALLY helps. Because I chew my food, I don’t take well to pill pockets or hiding pills in food. I always spit it out.  Rather, it’s best just to open my jaws and put a pill down my throat. I usually swallow right away.
**I take glucosamine treats which my fosters cut up and serve through the day for my being good. That seems to help with my arthritis.
**Other treats the vet has discouraged—'cuz sometimes I have a sensitive tummy.
**I resisted at first but have gotten used to taking medicated baths and once I’ve gotten into the tub and the warm water hits, I actually enjoy it.  I like the towel rubdowns a lot. I mean a lot.  The fosters do it once every week or two.
**I hate, and will resist heartily, being in a kennel.  It’s a bad experience for me.
**I really like being with my person(s). I’m so faithful and loyal and kind that I can sometimes read how they feel.
**If I have to change homes, it may take me a while to settle in. I may drool and tremble.  I just need you to be patient and kind and give me plenty of time to adjust. After some time, you will see - I will be your BFF.
**I forgive easily and am a good friend, and if someone is kind and caring, I will be the same in return.
**I repeat:  My fosters think I’m a pretty special creature. They would keep me but they travel often, and can’t take me where they go.
**I’m looking for a steady and easy home, a fairly quiet place with someone to love me back as much as I love them. 
As with all AC PAW dogs, Chester is neutered and up to date on vaccinations and he is microchipped and had a negative heartworm test.
If you believe you are Chester’s special angel, please fill out our pre-adoption application here:
 If you are interested in adopting this AC PAW pet or would like to set up a meet-and-greet please fill out our pre-adoption questionnaire at 


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