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In shelter Dog

Matthews, North Carolina, 28105-4837
Pet name:
Black with White
Coat length:
Update on Brady:
Brady has been with us for several months. He has come a long way from when he first arrived. His tail has been healing from the break. It does not wag but his butt with wag to show he is happy. Brady at first can be a shy, scared boy. We are assuming it is carry over from his past life where we expected he was mistreated. Once he knows you, he loves you. He is a very affectionate dog and can be a velcro dog with the person he trusts. He is happy and a bit crazy. Zoomies through the backyard are not past him. Brady likes other dogs but not all dog like his excitement and his in your face behavior. Brady is crate trained but of course prefers to be with his person and on their lap is even better. Brady continues to have a strange gait due to the trauma at his back end but gets around without an issue. Brady just wants to be loved and taken care of. We would prefer a fenced in yard since he does like to run around. Due to his past we do not want him to be a dog that goes to a dog park. We do not know if his traumas where due to mistreatment from a human or from another dog. His own fenced in yard with his person to play with would be best for him.
Brady came to us from a shelter. He is a young adult Pomeranian He was owner surrender. He was dirty and smelled. His back left leg was just hanging. His tail was not wagging. He was scared. They thought he had neurological damage.
After being looked at by our vet we found he has broken a bone by his tail which stopped the tail from wagging. The smell was a cement like mass of feces stuck in his fur. The vet was afraid it was obstructing him from going to the bathroom. She found one leg was hanging and the other back leg was not in great shape. She feared nerve damage from the break by the tail. She wanted to give the break time to heal to see if function in the legs came back. She did clean up his back end and gave him a bath. Then he was sent home with pain meds and steroids to help his healing.
Once he started feeling comfortable in his foster home, he started coming out of his shell. He was shaved down to help with his healing and to feeling better.
He now runs, jumps and plays. His back left leg is still off but he does use it to balance himself. He may never get his wagging tail back but he shows he is happy. He wants to play with other dogs. He loves being held and loved on. He loves his people once he is comfortable with them.
We do not want a home with young children. We prefer a home with a fence. No apartment or dog park for him. He is a loud and excited barker. Since we suspect the break in his bone was due to mistreatment from a human or a dog we want a home where he will be safe. We need a home that can handle any future medical needs he may have as he ages. We are not sure how the trauma will play out for his future.
He is not completely housebroken yet. He will need to be neutered before he gets adopted. That is scheduled and he will then have more X-Rays to see how the healing is going.
If you can provide a home that matches his needs complete an application for him.
Brady is a wonderful boy who deserves a wonderful forever home and family.
If interested in giving Brady a forever home, please complete our application at