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Mukwonago, Wisconsin, 53149
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Bichon and Little Buddies is open only 

by appointment with a completed application.  
Dogs in foster homes require an appointment and approved application to meet.  The application is online at  If a dog is listed as available, then we are still taking applications - no need to email or call to ask about the status.  Note: The forms that Petfinder or Adopt-a-pet has to inquire about the dog is not our application application.  Our form must be filled out to be approved to adopt a pet.***

Covid-19 Precautions:

Until further notice, Bichon & Little Buddies will be doing all meets and adoptions by appointment only.  To be able to control the number of people at the shelter at one time, we will be suspending our open hours on Thursdays.  If interested in adopting, please fill out the pre-adoption application and we will set up a time for you to come meet the dogs you are interested in.

About this Dog:

Name: Whiskey

Breed: Poodle

Approximate Age:   2 yr

Gender:  Male

Weight:  around 14 lb

Adoption Fee:  $400

Why in Rescue:  Former breeding dog

General Profile:  Please fill out the adoption application at if you are interested in meeting one of our dogs. 

Whiskey came from a commercial breeder who was no longer going to use him for breeding.  Whiskey is quite shy and scared and will need a very patient adopter as he learns to adjust to life in a home with people who love and care about him.  Dogs from commercial breeders are generally undersocialized, and probably never lived in a house.  They need to learn things like how to walk on a leash, go up stairs, and what things like a television is.  He will need a patient adopter who will give her the time he needs to adjust and learn to trust people.  Every baby step forward needs to be celebrated, and the dog needs to be accepted for who they are at each step.  Some dogs can adjust quickly and learn how to be a loved pet pretty easily.  Others take a long time to even be comfortable with things like walking through the house.  No matter how far and how fast the breeder dogs progress, they are wonderful dogs and deserve a great home after being used the first part of their lives for making puppies.  A fence (or at least a fenced in potty area) is highly recommended and may be required for certain dogs.  Another small dog in the house can also help many former breeders adjust faster to life in a home.

Please fill out the pre-adoption application if interested as that is the first step in adoption.  Sending an email from adoptapet or petfinder is not considered an application.  Waiting for a volunteer to have time to respond to general inquiry emails before applying will just put you behind other applicants.  We encourage those interested to just fill out the application.  If the listing is on the adoption websites, then we are still accepting applications in order to find him a great match! 

We do our best to evaluate the dogs while they are with us, but they sometimes act different in the shelter environment than they do in a home.  If you are interested in any of our dogs, please fill out the pre-adoption application and we will set up a time for you to come and meet them.

If considering adopting a former breeding dog, the following article is good to read to help you understand the special needs these dogs may have.


Adoption Procedures:

1.  Completely fill out the pre-adoption application at  We will be checking with your vet if you have had pets, calling your landlord (if any) and checking a personal reference, before we contact you about visiting the adoptables.  Any missing information may have us moving onto another application.

2.  If you application is approved, we will contact you to come meet the adoptables that you are interested in.  

3.  If it is a match, you will complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.  Please be prepared to take your adopted pet home when you come meet him/her.  In most cases, you will be able to take the pet home the same day.  If all the vetting hasn't been done yet, we will hold the pet for you until the vet work is completed. 

4.  If you have filled out an application and we haven't contacted you within a week, we may have missed your application, the pet may have been adopted by another applicant, or you may have been missing information on your application.  You may contact us to find out the status of your application at this time.  Please give us a week to process your application before contacting us!


The adoption fee through Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue is $200 - $475 depending on the age of the dog, which includes Wi State Sales Tax.  Included in this fee is your new companion who will be spayed/neutered, have a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (as required by state law), current on age appropriate vaccinations, heartworm tested and started on preventative, microchipped, and dewormed.  Other medical needs will also have been taken care of, such as dentals and treating ear infections. 

To assist you and your new pet in adjusting to life together, you will also receive an 8 week age appropriate obedience training course at For Pet's Sake Dog Training for $50 (up to $200 value).  You may opt to take Puppy Kindergarten, Adult Beginners, Small Dogs Big Hearts, or Shy & Reactive Dog Class.  You must start the class within 90 days of adoption for the reduced fee.  For more information on the classes visit

All dogs are seen BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Many are in various foster homes getting extra one on one attention getting them ready for their new homes.  The first step in adoption is filling out the pre-adoption application.  Bichon and Little Buddies is run by volunteers who have full time jobs in addition to the hours they spend with the rescue dogs.  Having an application on file assures us that the potential adopter is really interested in adopting a dog.  It also assists us in placing dogs in homes where both the dog and new owners are happy.  The application puts you under no obligation to adopt a dog from Bichon and Little Buddies.

The Dog Pre-Adoption Application can be found at

Thanks for thinking about adopting your new pet!More important information:

***We are a Wisconsin based rescue and do not ship our pets.  If you are considering adoption you must be willing to drive to meet and adopt the pet, as well as bring the pet back to us if the adoption doesn't work.  We adopt primarily in WI and IL, but will consider applicants in MN, IA, and MI.***

***Please do not set up an appointment to meet the animals until you are ready to take your pet home.  If the meeting results in a match, you can often take the dog/cat home the same day or within a couple days if the medical care hasn't been completed.  We are not able to hold pets for adopters beyond this time.  Thanks for understanding.***

***While we hope all of our adoptions lead to permanent homes for the animals we place, sometimes things just don't work out.  We do have a 30 day trial period.  For the first 30 days, if you or Bichon and Little Buddies decide that the adoption isn't a good match for either the humans or the pet, the adoption fee will be refunded minus $50 within 30 days of the return of the dog.  Bichon and Little Buddies also requires adopters to return the pet to us at any time that they are unable or unwilling to care for the animal anymore.***

***We do not show dogs/cats without an appointment.  The first step in adoption is filling out the pre-adoption application at  Please do not call/email until AFTER you have filled out an application.***

Bichon and Little Buddies is a State Licensed Rescue # 268555-DS