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In shelter Dog

Peralta, Valencia County, New Mexico,...
Pet name:
Poodle, Mixed
Coat length:
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Approximate DOB 5/26/2019
Size - Small about 6-10 lbs
History- This guy has had a very sad, very rough time recently.. He is still so young but yet so damaged.. From what we have been told he had a happy home in Texas, however his mom passed away and he was left unwanted.  The family surrendered him to a local rescue here in NM and he joined a foster family. Here is where things get dicey though as much as his foster mom tried to keep him happy pretty much anything and everything was setting him off. He bit her twice and was just an evil little dog- the director of the rescue reached out to us. "Hey here is the situation - the only chance he has right now is you- I will not trust him going with anyone else for rehabilitation." Of course, we agreed to accept him and he was dropped off by his foster mom.  He has now been with us for about a month and we have made quite a bit of progress with him and still working on more issues as they arise. We do believe he was very loved by his owner who passed as well as the foster mom who had him through the other organization however at some point in between those 2 people though he went through something pretty traumatic that has caused him to lash out and lose trust. We don't know what that might have been but suspect a few things based on his behavior here so far. As of right now he still isn't available unless we have the perfect adopter for him (hence the reason we are posting him now)- we will be very selective to ensure everyone's safety and to ensure the person adopting him is committed to continuing the work we have started. This might take some time so we are starting our search for his forever family now and will update as he continues his progress.      
Temperament- This guy is super sweet and absolutely adorable. He can be very very loving once he trusts and loves you. However, he is terrified of collars and leashes soooo we are currently working on desensitizing him to them. Our guess is that when he was caught in the home he was already scared and maybe they caught him with a snare or handled him roughly on a leash or something as he is completely terrified (which we knew when he got here as he turns into Cujo as soon as he sees the collar coming towards him) sooo we are working on that however aside from that he is a good little guy.. He just seems to be terrified of certain things and then turns into Cujo but I think it is more out of fearthan anything as he really does love to snuggle and get love and attention but every so often he has some triggers and to make it worse he is very very sensitive and stays upset longer than most dogs.. For instance we had to take him to the groomer so he could get shaved down and cleaned up- he stayed upset with me the next 2 days- wouldn't come near me - like he lost all faith in me even though he had been my constant shadow prior. So yea he will take a very special sort of person..  
Energy Level- Overall very quiet. He just really enjoys cuddling with us on the couch, taking naps in his crate, or following us around outside. Occasionally he will get toys but it is very rare and only once he is completely comfortable. Sooo for instance he had started playing with toys when he was all shaggy then I took him for grooming betraying him apparently and so now he hasn't played since.. Hoping he starts playing again soon but it looks like taking him to the groomers has set him back a little.. But he just needs to get used to things-- his last owner may not have ever taken him to the groomer or might have taken him to a groomer who was rough and handled him roughly we just don't know..
Dogs/Cats- He seems to be ok with everyone here. He doesn't play with them but he tolerates them for the most part. He would do fine though as an only dog and might even do better. 
Housetrained- He seems house trained but does mark. The marking should be watched and corrected immediately and in my opinion if there aren't other males it will probably pretty much stop. I currently have 3 small males so yea it does not help the situation, but if he goes into a home with no other dogs or just one other dog it should help
Tater Tot is the sweetest boy once he trusts and loves you.. But he is extremely sensitive and still trying to figure out what is happening in his life.. He went from being a beloved pet to being shuffled here and there after his mom died.. So he still hasn't got his bearings under him.. We think once he settles into a home with someone who can continue the work with him we have started then he will blossom into the wonderful little dog we know is in there.. He wants sooo badly to trust and love someone but there is soo much distrust, fear, and stress it causes him to react in aggression.. Sooo no children for him at all-- he is good with my 9 year old granddaughter however she has been raised around dogs in rehabilitation so understands to wait until they go to here and not to pressure them.. Other children though might not be able to handle waiting for a dog to trust them and we really do not want to put anyone in danger.. His ideal home would be a dog savvy person who can give him space and time to decompress and allow him to learn to trust again, not lose their patience, be able to read when he is overwhelmed and back off when needed and push when needed.. He needs boundaries and correction when he tries to be a jerk but also love and compassion to learn to trust.. If you think you might be able to give him the perfect home and are comfortable with a dog with some issues let us know.  Oh and once he loves and trusts you he does the cutest little begging thing where he stands up and claps his little paws together!!!
Adoption fee $100 includes neuter, age appropriate vaccinations (4 for puppies), deworming, microchip, rabies, collar and leash, training information, and all the support you need. 
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