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Mills, Natrona County, Wyoming, Unite...
Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
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Tank is not in the care of the Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue.  He is being listed as a courtesy to get more exposure.  You will need to contact his current owner if you are interested in this boy. Tank came to me as a rescue 2 & 1/2 years ago. He wasn't fixed and was in very bad shape and really wasn't trying to keep him. Well over time he quickly won my heart and I hoped that he would over come his issues with men and not being afraid of everything. Well the past 9 months it's been very difficult to walk him without him going after things people and other animals. He hadn't attack anyone or animals but I'm unable to breath and dealing with my own medical issues and it's gotten to the point where I'm feeling like I'm having a heart attack with his outbursts and pulling and dragging me and stuff. It's to much to handle.Last owner was beatibnTtank in his two door garages with boxes and junk surroundings him where he couldn't move and owner wasn't feeding him he was weighting 79lbs at the time of rescue.  Doesn't care for men, for obvious reasons, Woman he picks and choose and he doesn't do will with newborns baby toddlers older children he so so.Doesn't like feet handled, but everywhere else is fine.  Growls at kids when has toys/food not adults.  Does not like men, other dogs or cats. Tank is very independent does well with a woman that has patience Tank enjoys walks very will behaved in the home. Tank has been through the ringer and I feel like I did him an injustice for keeping him as long as I did and I thought for sure that he would camm down but he has become more and more jumpy at other dogs and pushing myself to keeping him from biting people and animals that I can't hardly breath and I feel really guilty about all of this, as my apprehensions may be causing his behavior.If you are interested in giving this boy a home where you can help him overcome his past plesase contact:Tank is located in Everett, WASamanthaMartinez Home Phone: 2068413996 Cell Phone: 2068413996 Email: samanthamartinez01@yahoo.com


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