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In shelter Dog

Columbia, Howard County, Maryland, Un...
Pet name:
Scottish Terrier Scottie, Corgi, Mixed
Black with Gray or Silver
Coat length:
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Tucker is 7 years old and he is looking for a new forever home because his current family is unable to care for him. Tucker has lived with dogs in the past without incident and his family thinks he may do well in a home with a dog-savvy cat and with children, but he's never lived with them. (See below for more details.) 

Tucker weighs 30 pounds and he is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with no known health issues. 

He is described by his family as:




Always at your side

Indoor dog



Likes men

Likes women

When left home alone he stays in a 4x4 kennel/pen. 

I have only ever used rewards-based training with 
; NEVER pain or punishment. He doesn't know any special tricks or routines, but is very food-motivated and responds well to doing as asked if he's rewarded.

 is not fond of car rides, but tolerates them well.  He lies down in the backseat and is quiet during rides.

Although he's allowed, 
 only rarely sleeps in bed with me -- he prefers his bed on the floor.


He dislikes: 

He HATES having his paws handled -- he's a total drama queen, crying, growling, and carrying-on whenever his nails need to be trimmed; it takes two adults to do his nails.


Around cats: 

I think 
 would be fine living with dog-savvy cat/s. His only contact with cats thus far has been neighborhood outdoor cats that he's encountered.  These cats have always hissed at and sometimes charged him, so he's very leary of them and will stand away and bark at them if he sees them.  I doubt very much that he would harm a cat in a home, and likely would be just fine getting to know and live with one (or more).

Around children


 LOVES children that we meet when out-and-about.  He will always approach kids before approaching the adults.  However, because he does sometimes resource-guard around edibles, households with young children would not be appropriate for 
.  A household with older (8+) children would be ideal.

Around dogs


 has lived with numerous dogs (both my dogs, family dogs, and dogs I've fostered) and always done very well with them, even very small dogs.  His only issue is the resource-guarding mentioned previously, which can be pretty easily managed.  He does not particularly care for dogs whose play-style includes lots of body-contact -- he prefers to run around, chase, and sniff in a companionable way rather than wrestling/tackling.


 is a resource-guarder towards SOME other dogs around his meals and long-term chews (like bully sticks).  He does NOT resource-guard towards people.  He has never bitten or harmed anyone, but will snarl, lunge, and tackle CERTAIN other dogs who come near his food bowl or chews (with other dogs he is perfectly fine).  He is separated from my other dogs to eat his meals or to work on a chew.  At other, more impromptu times (giving treats, food scraps, etc) 
 is perfectly fine with sharing.  He simply doesn't like to be bothered by certain other dogs when he's eating or working on a chew.

He eats:

Dry kibble - usually a mixture.  We do Wellness foods (several varieties), Purina Pro Plan, and Performatin.  He gets canned versions of these same foods frozen in toys like Kongs.

His ideal home: 

An ideal home for 
 would be a household with older children who would play with and love on 
 while respecting his personal boundaries. 
 is very social towards people, and would love a home with lots of visitors and activity. A fenced yard (as a "low-rider" 
 only requires a 4-foot fence) would be ideal, as 
 loves to spend time outside sniffing around and chasing squirrels (don't worry - he NEVER catches them!).  
 is a terrific alarm system as he barks (and his bark is MIGHTY for his size!) whenever he hears people or strange noises outside.  But because of this, he would not be an ideal candidate for apartment living.  
 loves to go outside and explore, but he is not athletic and does not have terrific stamina -- hikes of more than a couple of miles would need to be worked up to.


Rehoming Fee: $300

Location: Damascus, Maryland

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