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**COURTESY POST** Yoda is approx. 11-12yrs old, 70lbs, neutered male Shar Pei mix dog in need of a loving home. His family is re-locating to Hawaii and due to his age, it is felt that the journey would be too difficult for him, so they are hoping to find him a loving home to live out his golden years here on the mainland. Since being rescued 10 years ago, he has learned to enjoy the comforts of being an inside dog and a part of the family. He is gentle and playful with his canine siblings (Chihuahua and Terrier mix) and birds (parakeets), but he can be reactive to strange animals and needs proper introductions to understand who is part of the family. He loves people of all ages and visitors always comment on what a great dog he is. He gets excited when people come over but does not jump up on people in his excitement. Yoda is a great watchdog. His bark is very intimidating and will make you feel very safe and protected with him in the home. He loves to play catch – not fetch. He will catch toys, treats, balls, etc. He also loves to be petted and just be with you. Even though he is a bigger dog, he doesn’t move around all that much and does not need a lot of space as long as he is walked daily. He is pretty mellow. Even when he gets excited it is for short bursts. He is okay with kids, as long as the kids are respectful of him. Yoda sustained some type of injury that required surgery before he came to live with his current family. One of his hind legs is shorter than the other and he cannot lay on his back and open his legs. As he ages, it has become more and more painful for him and he has a prescription for pain medication to help him. Because of this, he also cannot curl up into a ball to stay warm so he appreciates a light blanket on him at night.   Yoda has patiently sat on the sidelines as the puppies and the children have come in and grown up and taken most of the attention. It would be wonderful for him to find a home where he would finally be the center of attention, where someone is around the majority of the time and can give him lots of love and comfort, perhaps someone who is retired. If you have a place in your heart and home for Yoda, please contact Kelly Alderman at 714-915-2326 or


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