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Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, Uni...
Pet name:
Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
ADOPTION DAYSATURDAY 11-1 2717 W Park Row Rd, Arlington Tx Frosty is a handsome white shepherd lab mix. He is an awesome dog and just the right age at 2 1/2 yrs old! Frosty is even about the right size at barely 50lbs. Frosty came from Cleburne animal shelter, where he was a former stray, and found himself in the shelter before his foster mom Liz showed up and took him home.He can be timid and wary at first with new people (no signs of fear aggression), but once he realizes you will give him pets and treats, he will cuddle right up to you. Frosty lives with many other foster dogs at home, and loves to run around with them, he has energy to keep up with the younger puppies too! As long as Frosty has the right introduction with a new dog, he would do best and becomes best buddies with the dog. Frosty seems to tolerate cats as well, so with the proper introduction and a cat to teach him what is ok and not he would do great with a cat too. Frosty loves kids as well, especially the ones at his height he can just walk right up to for kisses and head scratches. Frosty is the right age that most people seek for when looking for an adult dog, as Frosty is fully grown, and we already know what his personality is like. Frosty is treat motivated as well, which makes training like obedience training fairly easy for him. For the most part, aside from running around with other dogs, Frosty seems to be a low to medium energy dog. He could benefit from a nice stroll during the day, as long as when he gets home he can curl up on the couch with you.Frosty would love to have a home with a yard that is securely fenced so he can run around in and never have to be on the streets again! Frosty walks very well on the leash, and tends to follow his person's lead. Frosty is currently crated in his foster home so he understands crate training, he is also housebroken. Frosty is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines and has been heartworm tested. If you are interested in adopting Frosty, feel free to fill out an adoption application at  For more info on Frosty, you can contact Liz via text or phone at 214-616-6128 If you are interested in fostering a pet , please visit our website to fill out an application


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