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Jagger D5198   

In shelter Dog

Farmington, Minnesota, 55024
Pet name:
Jagger D5198
Shepherd, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with White
Jagger (aka: Kody, Kody bear, Kodiak) is a Shepherd X with an approximate DOB of 5/14/2020. Jagger weighs in at approx. 50 lbs. He is a fun and playful pup with A LOT of energy who would benefit from an active lifestyle. Jagger loves to go on walks, car rides and hikes. He is a shadow and wants to follow you where ever you go. He also likes to go out frequently and run around the back yard. Jagger knows some basic commands and will do well with continued training and learning as he is a very intelligent dog. He is very treat motivated and loves a midday Kong filled with kibbles and treats.

Jagger likes to play with his toys, chewing on bones and playing fetch. Jagger is an aggressive player who is very mouthy and nippy when playing, and needs work on gentler pay, for this reason it is best if he is not in a home with children under age 12. We are working on calming him down when he get really feisty, but he is still young and wants to play hard. Jagger was in a previous home with another dog who was more possessive of their food and treats and Jagger did not take cues to stop playing or biting on the dog. For this reason, Jagger would do best in a home where he is the only dog, or with dogs who are tolerant or can be monitored/separated. However, his previous owner said that he did well playing with dogs outside and in doggy daycare/playgroups. Jagger is working on leash manners and does pretty well when he sees other dogs though he likes to try to get to them and he tries to charge moving vehicles, so more leash work is needed.  Jagger does bark at other dogs and people through the backyard fence, and he barks in he house when he sees people outside, so no shared walls.  Jagger also should not be on a house with cats due to his high prey drive - this is also a reason a fenced backyard would be best for Jagger. Jagger is kennel trained but may whine and bark a bit when he first goes in and when he hears people moving about. He sleeps best with a fan or other sound on. Jagger is still a puppy so he will chew on items randomly and should be supervised when out in the house or the yard. Jagger has had a few accidents in the house but does well when let our frequently.

Jagger is a very sweet and loving dog who will cuddle when he is ready to settle down. Jagger is ready for his forever home, if you would like to meet him in person fill out an application.Interested in adopting this lovable animal? Please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  Once the application is processed, a Wags representative will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time/location for a meet and greet!  A home visit is required prior to adoption. 

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Breed and temperament determination:  Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue attempts to determine breed and temperament using a combination of looks, information provided to us at intake, and our experience with the animal while in our Rescue.  We do not guarantee this determination.


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