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Andy D5118 *BEHAVIOR NEEDS*   

In shelter Dog

Farmington, Minnesota, 55024
Pet name:
Shih Tzu, Mixed
Meet Andy! He is a 15lbs Shih Tzu mix with an approximate DOB of May 2013. Its a good thing that Andy is so cute because he does have some troubling behaviors.


Andy was found in the woods completely matted, dirty and starving.  He was originally thought to be 10+ years old but the vet said he was a bit younger than that. We may never really know his true age. Due to many years of no real socialization, he is reactive to many things.


To be very upfront, Andy is very defensive and will bite due to fear.  He does not like new people, loud noises and most dogs.  This means his adopter needs to be a single person or a couple with no kids and no dogs.  He gets along with the current foster's cat by basically ignoring her.


His foster mom has built trust with Andy since his arrival to Wags in June 2020 and he will now sit on her lap and accept affection from the whole family.  Together, Andy and foster mom have been working hard with a trainer.  Andy is food motivated, which is great! He now knows how to sit and is becoming less reactive.  Andy is easily startled and continues to growl and snap daily.  His adopter needs to be willing to learn his triggers (gloved hands, food bowls, etc...) and be able to back away quickly, in order to give him his space.  


Andy is a long haired dog that hates being groomed (brushed, cut or bathed).  He bites anyone who tries.  This means he can not go to the groomers.  He must be completely sedated at the vets to be groomed. 


Andy also hates the vet.  He must be sedated to be examined or treated.  He has dry eyes and requires eye drops 3xs a day but will not allow anyone to put them in.  Andy had his left eye removed because it was constantly infected even after multiple antibiotic treatments.  He is doing fine with just one eye.  He will lose the right eye if he does not learn to accept the drops.  Andy will take oral medication when it is placed in his food.


On a more positive note, Andy loves car rides, time outside in fenced yard and being near his foster mom. He would ideally like a home with a yard to run in but it is not a must. He does the most adorable "happy dance" when foster mom comes back into the house.  Andy has learned to be very affectionate on his terms.  Adopter needs to be ready to let Andy take his time adjusting to new home and know that this may be a few month process of ups and downs for all involved. We are hoping there is a special person out there that will provide a home for Andy to live out his days comfortably and take things at his own pace.  Interested in adopting this lovable animal? Please go to our website and fill out an Adoption Application.  Once the application is processed, a Wags representative will contact you, answer any questions you may have, and set up a time/location for a meet and greet!  A home visit is required prior to adoption. 

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Breed and temperament determination:  Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue attempts to determine breed and temperament using a combination of looks, information provided to us at intake, and our experience with the animal while in our Rescue.  We do not guarantee this determination.