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MEET CHARLIE--- Charlie is a great little guy – but a tough dog to place and would NOT be a pet for most people. He needs a patient, VERY ALPHA dog savvy owner.   He is a King Charles Cavalier mix (?), a very playful and active 5 year old and full grown at about 20 lbs.  He is healthy, housebroken, neutered, micro-chipped and LOVES to fetch and bring back!  He would do it all day if he could!  He is well behaved when left alone and does not need to be crated.  In fact, he would be totally OK if he were the only pet and the sole center of your attention. But he doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.  His ideal home would be where there is NOT A LOT of activity or visitors -- or CATS - as he is not comfortable with new people and situations.  But once he feels safe, probably after 2-3 days, he will be your new best friend, sitting on your lap or snuggling in bed.  HE IS NOT A "CONDO or APARTMENT" TYPE DOG.  We are not sure of what may have happened to him in his past.  He came to us as an owner surrender but he does have "issues".  Aside from feeding and potty breaks, if you can totally ignore him for several days, he will eventually come to you, but on his terms.  Three or four days after coming into your home, he will willingly climb up on your lap or in bed with you -- (he loves to snuggle and be petted).  Charlie bonds closely with his owner, showing great affection whenever the owner is present. But is apprehensive, barky and insecure when meeting new people. When a visitor comes, you must keep him on a leash or confine him to another room.  He reacts by barking and threatening to "bite". He hasn't bitten but we cannot place him in a position where he might!  He is still a work in progress. HE WILL NOT BE AT OUR ADOPTION EVENTS as that would be too stressful for him. A private meeting can be arranged (Fort Lauderdale).  We are accepting applications on him now.  Adoption fee: $200     DOWNLOAD OUR APPLICATION:   Click on ADOPT - at the bottom of that page you will find our application. NOTE: Adoption/rehoming fees are applied towards the vet bill: Exam, blood tests, vaccinations, fecal, worming, spay/neuter, and microchip. There is rarely anything left over, but if that happens, the monies get applied to the next or previous pet - who may have had to have an x-ray, be groomed or have a dental.


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